Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Smartwatch Review 2022 in India

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Smartwatch Review: Today in the time 2022, all the smartwatch companies in the Indian market are launching the best stylish android smartwatch for their customers with the best display smartwatch and best battery at a low-cost price, which amazing latest features available.

In view of this, after Noise Colorfit Series, the new smartwatch of this series, Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand, has been recently launched in the market India in 2022, this smartwatch is full of many features, and the price range of this series is under 2000 rupees get the best smartwatch.

This watch is designed for both men and women, its design is slightly similar to the Apple Watch series and looks professional to wear. If you want to get the best android smartwatch under a 2000 rupees budget then this is going to be perfect for you. A complete review of the smartwatch will be found one by one in this article.

Box Content

Now let’s talk about the box contents of the Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand smartwatch, first of all, the welcome card and warranty information will be seen on the back of this card, after that the sticker of noise is found then in the middle center of the smartwatch noise is seen and magnetic charging cable and user manual are available at the last.

  • Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand smartwatch
  • User manual & warranty card
  • Magnetic charging cable

Noise Colorfit Smartwatch Display

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Smartwatch

Now moving toward the display of Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand, first of all, let me tell you that its display size is 1.69 inches grand TFT LCD touchscreen display, and its dial is seen in a square shape which is amazingly colorful and gets contrast. Its touch response is amazingly smooth, you will be able to use its screen smoothly without any problem.

Its brightness is also good, its visibility is good indoors, you will be able to read its screen comfortably indoors without any problem but it can be difficult to read its screen in outdoor sunlight. The display is slightly curved, which gives a premium feel to the AMOLED display when looking at and running. The display is good in bust of under 2000.

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Noise Colorfit Smartwatch Design & Body Look

Now let us talk about its design and build quality, the design of the smartwatch is made in rectangular shape, its construction material is made of polycarbonate and the frame is found in metal and the strap of the smartwatch is made of good quality silicone. 22mm and provides a very smooth and strong strap and the noise branding is visible on the strap.

The crown button with a metal material finishing is seen on the side of the watch and the plastic build is found on the back side support for multiple sensors and charging pins is available in the back. It is a very light watch, you can do any hard work by wearing it, talk about its weight, this watch is available for 45 grams and gives a very good comfort feel to wear.

Noise Colorfit Smartwatch Battery Life

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Smartwatch

Most importantly, it is very important for the smartwatch to have good battery life because, in today’s technology era, people do not like to charge their smartwatch, or smartphone, again and again, today in the date 2022, people like a long-lasting battery more like this. The battery of this smartwatch is very good.

In this, you get a 260mAh battery and the company claims that it will give battery backup for up to 7 days, which is a very good battery in a budget of under Rs 2000 and it lasts comfortably for 1 day on 15 charges but in heavy use, it 3 days battery will be available, its charging is slow, full charging time takes 3 hours and magnetic charger is provided to charge it.

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Noise Colorfit Smartwatch User Interface

Talking about the UI of this smartwatch, then it looks a bit similar to the Noise Colorfit Ultra and Noise Colorfit Ultra 2, when Ultra 1 was launched, there was a lag in the UI but this smartwatch gets an upgrade and good runs smoothly.

On swiping from top to bottom on the screen, one gets to see the notification panel and on swiping up from the bottom one gets to see Settings, Find my phone, Torch, Brightness, and DND. Swiping right and left will be able to access the health function, sports mode, and many more features, UI smoothness is available and it is much better than the previous smartwatch and you will be able to change the watch face by tapping on the screen center.

Noise Colorfit Smartwatch Health & Fitness Mode

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Smartwatch

If you do not want to compromise on your body’s health and fitness, then this smartwatch will be perfect for you because it has good features related to health and fitness at a low price, first of all, 60 sports modes have been given such a low price range. It is found in very few smartwatches. Sports modes like running, football, basketball, walking, skipping, rope jumping, tennis, badminton, etc.

And many features are also available for health, including a heart-rate monitor, stress monitor, SpO2, sleep monitor, menstrual cycle tracking, and blood oxygen monitor, with the help of this you can get information about your health. Apart from this, it also supports tracking of daily activity, with the help of which you will be able to track your daily usage activity.

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Noise Smartwatch Features & specifications

Now we come to the specification and features of the Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand, this watch has 150+ cloud-based watch faces and has been given IP68 waterproof, and apart from this, the option of quick reply is also available with the latest feature. And along with silencing, you can also do a quick reply, which will not be seen in any other watches under 2000. You will be able to use it on an Android phone, you cannot use it with iPhone.

Talking about the other features of this smartwatch, there is an option of smart notifications for apps and messages, after that reminders, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, calendar events, music control, etc. As the camera is not available and GPS will also not be available and with this the option of call silent and reject is available but the option to receive is not available. But apart from this, all the features have been provided.

Noise Fit

To set up this watch, you have to connect to your mobile phone and to connect the watch to the smartphone, an application will be needed whose name is Noise Fit, it will be easily found on Google Play Store, and for ios, you will find it on App Store.

This application is well polished, you will not get to see any kind of issue, as soon as you open the app, you will have no problem accessing all the features comfortably because this application has already undergone a lot of improvement, and works smoothly.

Noise Smartwatch Specifications:-
Display Size1.69 inches grand TFT LCD Display
Battery life7 Days Normal Use
Female health trackingYes”
Call & SMS replyYes”
Water-resistanceYes”, IP68
FeaturesMenstrual Reminder, 60 Sports mode, 150 watch faces
Compatible Android & iOS

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Should we buy the Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Smartwatch?

We should buy this smartwatch or not, then I can tell you what kind of smartwatch we want which has a good display and good design and with it, the details, and features are also the best, in the same way, in this too, you should get the features from the display to the very good. And the battery will also be very good to see at a low price.

But it is also to be kept in mind that along with its merits, there are drawbacks as well. The camera and GPS are not visible but you can ignore them because all the smartwatches in this range of the 2000 rupees are lacking something or the other. But apart from this, all the features are available which should be available in the best smartwatch, I think it will be a good option for under 2000 rupees Smart watch.


  • 1.69 TFT LCD sharp & smooth display
  • Battery life is good
  • Calls & SMS quick reply
  • Female health tracking
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Design is premium


  • GPS is not available
  • Not camera
  • Not call receive the option

Noise Smartwatch Conclusion

In today’s article, I have given you complete information about Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Smartwatch. If you are looking for a budget smartwatch then this watch is going to be the best for you. How did you like this watch, do tell by writing in the comment and if you liked this article, then do not forget to share this article.

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