What To Do When I Lost My Whoop: A Complete Guide

Hello friends, in today’s article we are here to know about what to do when I lost my Whoop. I am going to give you complete detailed information related to lost whoop.

Many users lose their whoop straps during fitness activities. It is happening more than expected due to which people have to face a lot of problems.

If it is understood in simple words, then whoop does not have a built-in GPS. But instead, it uses the smartphone’s GPS to track your health & fitness activities. It is impossible to track a lost Whoop strap as it does not support built-in GPS.

What To Do When I Lost My Whoop

If you have lost your whoop strap and you can’t find it then you don’t need to worry because we have prepared some solutions here that you can do even after losing your whoop strap.

What To Do If I Lost My Whoop Strap?

I have lost my whoop what can I do now? The Whoop strap, like many other fitness activity trackers in the global market, allows for heart rate, sleep tracking, and blood oxygen (SpO2) measurement.

Apart from this, it tracks many fitness activities like step count, and distance, which is a technical marvel, but as we have said earlier, it lacks built-in GPS.

This means if you lose your whoop strap, there is no way to locate it via the mobile app. All you can do is open the app on your smartphone and view your activities and places you visited before you lost Whoop.

Another thing to use is to check if you can still see the whoop strap attached to your phone. Because the whoop strap uses Bluetooth low energy for data transmission, the radius of the search area should be under 100 meters.

Because when you lose connection during the whoop strap search, go back to where you placed the whoop strap, and your phone will auto-connect to the strap.

You searched all over for your whoop strap but failed to track your whoop strap then you have no other option but to request for replacement as your previous health & fitness data is stored in your smartphone with the whoop app in sync so you will need a new whoop strap to continue where you left off.

Can I Request a Replacement For My Lost Whoop Strap Under Warranty

As you know that any electronic device offers a limited warranty, similarly Whoop also offers a limited warranty to its users for one year from the date of activation which covers defects and defective components.

But unfortunately, the policy does not cover damage through negligence or misuse which means you cannot claim your lost whoop strap. Here below is a list of items not covered by WhoopStrap’s Limited Warranty.

  • Stolen or lost whoop strap
  • Failure damage due to the use
  • Normal wear and tear, cosmetic damage
  • Whoop strap has been repaired by someone
  • Change the serial number to the original model name and whoop

If I tell you correctly, if you violate Whoop’s Limited Warranty, the company is not responsible for repairing or replacing your Whoop strap. Other than that they also offer a 30-day return policy, but even in that scenario, you will need to return the original activity tracker to get a refund. Therefore, Whoop Company is unlikely to fulfill your replacement request for your lost device.

How Can I Avoid Losing My Whoop Strap Again

If you want to avoid losing your whoop strap again, first of all, don’t take off your whoop strap again and again, and don’t put it in the wrong place. This is an activity-smart fitness tracker which we can use throughout the day and night.

The new Whoop 4.0 comes with 10m IP68 water resistance & dust proof so you can wear it on your wrist for activities like washing hands, swimming, and showering.

After this, wear the whoop strap well fit & tight on your wrist so that while doing some activity the whoop strap does not fall from your wrist. Not too tight as it can obstruct your blood circulation.

For added security, you can buy a bicep band to wear over the whoop. Whoop straps work well as these straps are the best option for keeping the band in place.

Can Someone Use My Last Whoop Strap?

Unlike smart fitness bands from Amazfit, Oneplus, Garmin, and other brands, the Whoop fitness tracker is pretty much a paperweight without an active subscription.

If other than when it is connected to the whoop app then no one else can use this device also if you lose the strap of your device and someone tries to turn it in on the market then it will be useless to others.

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