What is the best finger to wear Oura Ring? (More Accuracy)

Oura Ring is a very popular smart ring in today’s time. You can track your heart rate, steps, etc by wearing this ring.

But there is confusion in the minds of many people that which finger is most accurate for Oura ring and what hand should I wear my Oura ring.

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about the best finger to wear our ring. If you want to know the answers to all these questions, then definitely read this article till the end.

Best finger to wear Oura Ring

Oura ring can be worn on any finger, but generally, people wear it on the ring finger or on the index finger. Both options can be beneficial in their own way.

Ring finger

If you wear the oura ring on the ring finger, it has been traditionally done. Wearing a ring on this finger is common at weddings, and we can also tell about our marital status by it.

But wearing a ring on the ring finger also has some scientific advantages. There is less skin on this finger, so sensor readings can be accurate. But some people do not find it comfortable to wear a ring on the ring finger.

Index finger

The trend of wearing the ring on the index finger is coming with the modern lifestyle. If you will wear oura ring on your index finger, then yes your daily activities will be work stoppage and comfortable.

There is more skin on the index finger, but this does not mean that the reading of the sensor will not be accurate. You can also express your personal style by wearing a ring on your ring finger.

Which finger is most accurate for Oura ring?

You can wear oura ring on the index, middle, or ring finger of your hand. But if you want accurate data, then you should wear it on the index finger of your left hand. After wearing it on the index finger, you will get to see more accurate data in this ring as compared to the rest of the fingers.

Why is the index finger best for Oura ring?

Oura ring is the best choice for the index finger as it is the most active finger and has the highest blood flow. Apart from this, wearing the ring on this finger keeps the skin temperature constant.

Oura Ring has integrated sensors to monitor heart rate and temperature, providing data based on your body temperature and blood flow. By wearing it on the index finger, this data is provided much more accurately.

FAQ: Best finger to wear Oura Ring

Can you wear Oura ring on pinky finger?

Yes, of course you can wear Oura ring on your pinky finger. Oura ring is small and adjustable, so you can wear it comfortably on your pinky finger. It is designed to provide you with accurate data, such as monitoring your sleep quality, activity level and your current body components. Its use helps you track your health and wellness, no matter which finger you wear it on.

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