Why nobody drinks pig's milk?

Reference book Britannica calls pigs vertebrates. Pigs can be drained. On Pasture got a report from the Illinois Pork Producers Association that says pig milk incorporates 8.5% fat, more than cow milk's 3.5%.

Erik Stegink, a Dutch rancher, transformed it into cheddar. His pig cheddar is saltier and creamier than cow cheddar, he told Vice

We've lived with pigs for centuries, hence pig-based dairy items might be dangerous.

Pigs could do without being drained, subsequently pig milk hasn't cleared the U.S. Edward Lee let Modern Farmer know that pigs weren't trained for dairy. Trained cows are exceptionally submissive

Regardless of whether you come close, acquiring sufficient pig milk to benefit would be hard. The Illinois Pork Producers Association said pigs had 14 nipples, 10 a bigger number of than cows. This confounds milk-extraction

Draining 14 teats is difficult. At the point when you consider that pigs just produce 13 pounds of milk a day and cows can deliver 65, it's reasonable which creature merits draining.

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