Samsung launched its new earbuds Galaxy Buds Pro

According to Samsung, the design of the Galaxy Buds Pro reduces the space between the ear and the earbuds

Samsung has used a two-way speaker in the Galaxy Buds Pro

According to the company, it has an 11mm woofer for bass and 6.5mm tweeter for pitch

It covers the entire ear, due to which active noise cancellation is also very good

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has a rating of IPX7 for sweat and water

There will be a battery backup of 5 hours when noise canceling is turned on and 8 hours when it is off

13 hours of battery backup will be available when it is in the case

The signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) has been given very high in this buds, which reduces the background sound significantly

It is available in Black, Silver and Purple colors. Its price has been kept at Rs 15,990.