Leaked Apple iPhone 14 pictures show revolutionary updates

A brief video delivered on the Chinese virtual entertainment site Weibo has given a tempting clue about what's in store from the new Apple iPhone 14.

Apple is supposed to reveal the up-and-coming age of iPhones at an occasion broadcast from Apple Park on Sept. 7.

The most recent hint about the iPhone 14 territory was made in a Weibo video reposted on Twitter by DuanRui.

The subtitle on the Weibo video noticed how the shining completion on the telephone just seems, by all accounts, to be purple from specific points.

Apple is apparently wanting to deliver the new iPhone territory in purple, naval force blue, gold, graphite, and silver.

Spilled schematics and craftsman renderings had before implied that Apple would fundamentally update its leader iPhones by switching the abhorred indent up the forward-looking camera.

What's more, presently new holes appear to affirm that Apple will move to a scoreless iPhone 14 interestingly.

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