Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Excellent looks and performance

The large Retina OLED display of stylish and elegant design has been given in this watch

Its retina display is a full 20% more than the 6 series watch, which makes it easier to see anything on the screen

This watch has 5 color options including Black, White, Red, Blue and Green

This watch also has IP6X dust resistance and crack resistance, which makes it more robust

This watch is full water proof i.e. swimming can also be done by wearing it

In this watch, you can track the fitness activity of the daily and see its results in the iPhone

You can listen to your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks in this watch

You can make and receive calls as well as reply to messages with its GPS model

ECG test for heart can be done at home by wearing this smart watch

The price of this watch is $699 which is just right for its features