Property holders repulse a 18-foot python that attempts to enter the family room by slithering across the rooftop.

A neighbor of the family originally saw the light-hued snake in the early hours of the day. It evidently endeavored to enter the home through a room window that was left open.

The frightened relatives fended off the colossal reptile with a brush handle. At last, it dropped 20 feet onto the hood of a vehicle that was left external the house.

The neighbor guaranteed that the snake made a "all-powerful crash" on the ground since it was so weighty.

The colossal snake was at first spotted by Jenny Warwick slithering across the top of the home close to hers. "At the point when I previously saw the article on the rooftop, I expected it was a plastic cylinder,

however at that point I saw that its head was moving. I informed Steven, my companion, however he said, "Don't be absurd." My canine, Rodney, was woofing like insane and making me insane "Jenny expressed.

The snake was given to a kept neighbor snakes in her home after it tumbled from the rooftop.

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