100 light-years from Earth, researchers uncover 'sea planet'

An 'sea planet' looks like Kevin Costner's 1995 dystopian activity flick Waterworld. The 100-light-year-away planet is canvassed in water, similar to Jupiter's and Saturn's moons.

It's bigger and heavier than Earth and far off enough from its star to have life. A worldwide group of scientists recognized the exoplanet TOI-1452 b in the Draco heavenly body.

NASA's 'planet tracker' rocket has four cameras that can see 85% of the sky as it chases after exoplanets less than 300 light-years far off.

By researching more brilliant items than Kepler, TESS might track down new indications of outsider life. Four wide-field cameras will analyze 26 sky portions separately.

The observatory estimates 4 feet wide (1.2 meters) without the collapsed sunlight based wings and weighs 800 pounds (362 kilograms). NASA guarantees it's between a cooler and a washer-dryer stack.

NASA's TESS telescope, which looks for adjacent planetary frameworks, drove stargazers find the exoplanet.

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