Single Chip vs Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

Hello friends, in today’s article I am going to give you complete information about Single Chip vs Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches.

Earlier many companies used to launch dual-chip smartwatches but now in 2022 brands like Noise, Realme and CrosSbeats have started launching single-chip smartwatches in the budget price range.

Single Chip vs Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

In this review we are going to tell you about dual chip vs single chip, there is a difference between single-chip and dual chip, and which is a better technology.

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Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

Dual-chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches is quite common in budget price range smartwatches. Dual-chip smartwatches usually support Bluetooth version 5.0 which is used for data synchronization and connectivity with Android & iOS phones.

Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

And another separate chip is used for calling in a dual-chip smartwatch, it has two chips, first for connectivity and second for calling, so it is called a dual-chip Bluetooth calling smartwatch.

But due to the separate chip in it, there is a lot of problem with Bluetooth calling connectivity because first the smartwatch has to be paired for connectivity and Bluetooth calling has to be paired by going to a separate setting, which takes a lot of time.

And you can not talk for a long time with a dual-chip watch because there is frequent connectivity problem during calling and it also consumes more battery life.

Single Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

Single-chip Bluetooth calling on Smartwatches is a new approach to smartwatch connectivity as compared to dual chips. Brands like Noise & Realme have launched Single Chip Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch in 2022 at a budget price.

Single Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

The single-chip smartwatch has Bluetooth version 5.2 or 5.3 with very strong connectivity and can be used for both connectivity & Bluetooth calling once paired with the phone.

In this, there is no need to connect separately for Bluetooth calling, a single pairing is used for both connectivity & calling.

This single-chip smartwatch is the easiest & best way to Bluetooth calling and there is no issue of connectivity while calling it also consumes less battery life as compared to the dual-chip smartwatch

Difference Between Single Chip vs Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches

Here below I have given a comparison of Dual Chip vs Single-chip Bluetooth Calling on Smartwatches.

Dual Chip BT Calling smartwatchSingle Chip BT Calling Smartwatch
Bluetooth 5.0 versionBluetooth version 5.2 or 5.3
Slow 3-step pairingFast 1-step pairing
More Stable & Strong ConnectivityUnstable Connectivity
High Battery life ConsumptionLow Battery life Consumption
Low Calling RangeHigher & long time Calling range
Little Delay in CallingNo Delay in Calling

Which is Better Dual chip or Single chip smartwatch

Now let us talk about Single Chip vs Dual Chip Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches, which of these two will be the best?

A single-chip smartwatch is a better and more innovative method than a dual chip which is used for both connectivity and calling once connected.

In dual-chip smartwatch has to be connected separately for connectivity and calling, which takes a lot of time and there is a frequent problem with connectivity at the time of calling.

The single-chip smartwatch has many advantages like better connectivity, higher and good performance calling range, and low consumption battery which is not available in the dual-chip smartwatch.

So here single chip calling smartwatch totally wins over a dual-chip smartwatch. If you want to get either of the two smartwatches at the same budget price, then we would recommend a single-chip smartwatch.

Some Popular Single Chip Smartwatch

  • Crossbeats Ignite Grande
  • Noise ColorFit Ultra 2 Buzz
  • Tagg Engage
  • NoiseFit Evolve 3
  • Dizo Watch R Talk
  • Realme Watch 3 Pro

Wrapping Up:

So friends this was the difference between single-chip vs dual-chip Bluetooth calling on smartwatches. For your information, let us tell you that single-chip technology is better than dual-chip technology and it is also the latest. If you have any questions related to this technology, then you can ask by writing in the comment section below.

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