Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch 2022 | Full Specs & Features Review

Pebble company has launched many different smartwatches with different looks and premium designs. Pebble Pace Smartwatch, Pebble Leap Rugged Fitness Smartwatch, Fitness Band & more other Pebble smartwatches were launched in 2021 and some other smartwatches or smart bands have been launched in India in 2022. The company launched a smartwatch of the Pebble Cosmos series a few months back, which the users liked a lot.
Given this, the company launched the new smartwatch Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch of this series on 18 May 2022 for its users.
Amazing premium shining finishing design is available in this watch, the latest features have been given and the display will get to see smooth bright. Talking about its price, this smartwatch is under 6000 rupees, its exact price is Rs.4,499. And the complete information about this watch is given below one by one.

Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch Review

Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch Specifications

Display TypeAMOLED Display
Display Size1.36″
Dial ShapeCircle
Battery Life7 Days
Charging Time2 hours
Weight48 grams
Bluetooth Yes
Call FunctionYes
Heart Rate MonitorYes
Step CountYes

Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch Box Content

If we talk about the content present in the smartwatch box, then you first get to see the Pebble Cosmos Luxe smartwatch on top. And in a small packet, a 1-year warranty card, extended guarantee card, and screen guard protection are also available, wipes are available to apply it. And apart from all this, get a magnetic charger.

  • Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch
  • Magnetic Charger
  • Warranty Card & User Manual
  • Screen Guard

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Pebble Cosmos Smartwatch Display

pebble cosmos luxe smartwatch

On Display, Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch features a 1.36 inches HD AMOLED touchscreen display with ultra-sharp color balance and the dial is seen in a round shape. In this, you get the protection of ultra-durable transparent 2.5D curved glass.

This smartwatch of Pebble has two types of display, an AMOLED display, and a normal display, you can use any display. The resolution of the screen is 390 x 390-pixel resolution and if we talk about its brightness then it gets amazing brightness. Best-in-class 600 nits brightness support is available, so you will be able to read its screen easily indoors as well as you will be able to read its display well in outdoor sunlight. You will not have any problem reading its screen.

Pebble Cosmos Smartwatch Design & Body Look

Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch

The body design of the smartwatch is found built from premium zinc alloy material. The design of this watch from Pebble is seen in a circular shape, which looks impressive and attractive. The metal frame is available in its frame round shape and its strap is also found of very good quality silicone material and interchangeable straps are available. Its strap size is 22mm and you can remove its strap and change the band and apply any other strap from the market.

It gives a lightweight and comfortable feel to wear, you will not feel heavy in wearing it, talking about its weight, the weight of this device is 48 grams. Two buttons are found on the side of the watch, the top button gets the rotate crown button, with the help of this you will be able to scroll the message, etc. On pressing the bottom button, you will get to see the sports mode and on pressing the top button, the main menu will open.

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The VC32 series sensor is found on the backside and the branding of the Pebble smartwatch will be seen on the side of the sensor, this watch gives an amazing look to wear. This is the best-looking smartwatch in the segment, which comes with a finishing premium look. The dimensions of the watch are width 42, height 270, thickness 10, dimeter 34.54, you will get to see this watch in 4 colors on the online market Charcoal, Green, Gold, and matte black all four colors seem amazing and is the gold variant its looks gorgeous and shiny.

Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch Battery life

No one wants to charge their electronic device again and again whether it is a smartphone, smartwatch, or any electronic gadget. Similarly, its battery backup is amazingly strong, you will not have to charge it every day because the battery of this watch is 300mAh.

Its battery life is available for 5 to 6 days and by turning on Always Mode, you will get to see 3 days of battery backup and it takes 120 minutes to fully charge it. Its battery is made of Lithium Polymer and a charger magnetic type is available to charge it.

Pebble Cosmos Smartwatch User Interface & Functions

Let us now talk about the user interface and functions, first of all, in this, you get the support of the Bluetooth calling function, you will be able to call and receive through this function without your mobile phone i.e. dial pad whichever number you get. You can do direct dial-up to 10 contacts can be saved in it and apart from this the option of call record is also available and with this, the microphone and speaker are provided.

If you swipe up on the display of the watch, then the option of brightness, setting, DND, find the device, and call function on, or off is available. And similarly, by swiping down, you get the notification page, you can read the notification by swiping down.

Swiping from the left will see the features of the screen day, time, calendar, and more, and swiping from the right will be able to access health-related features and some functions about fitness such as heart rate, blood oxygen, spo2, sports mode, etc. In this you get 5 types of menu styles, you can keep or change whatever you want.

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Pebble SmartWatch Health & Fitness Mode

Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch

Now, know about this watch’s health and fitness activity, let us tell you that many features related to health are available, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, blood oxygen measurement, as well as spo2, are also supported. In addition to stress tracking and Period, the tracker is also available.

In this, the VC32 series sensor has been given in the watch, many people believe that it gives accurate results to a large extent but you know that this is not medical equipment, it can be used only through check.

Apart from all this, you get a daily fitness tracker for your fitness, you will be able to track any exercise activity. 13 workout modes are given cycling, swimming, running, walking, wake up, step count, basketball, etc.

Pebble Smartwatch Extra Features

Apart from all these functions, you will get to see many special other features in it like calling, smart notification, weather, alarm clock, timer, reminder, music control, camera control, messaging, etc.
If you want that no one can see the message received on its display, for this you have also been given the support of lock, and password, which gives this amazing feature.

Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch

Apart from this, 10+ watch faces are available in the watch but more than 50+ watch faces will be seen in its application Fit Cloud Pro. And with this, the support of IP67 water-resistant is available, which keeps it away from water and dust.

Pebble Smartwatch Connectivity

Now we talk about the connectivity of this smartwatch Pebble Cosmos Luxe, then connecting it to the smartphone is not very hard work but it is very easy to connect it. Bluetooth version 5 is available in it, for connectivity, to connect it to the mobile, you have to download an application Fit Cloud Pro App on your mobile phone.

This app is Android and it will be easily available on Google Play Store, by installing it, you will be able to connect very easily with the help of Bluetooth.

As soon as you open this app, you will get to see all the tracking information, how much you sleep, how much is your HR, and how much your blood oxygen measurement, you will get information in the application.


  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 98% Accurate sensors
  • Display
  • Brightness


  • No GPS
  • No WiFi


This was the complete information review of the Pebble Cosmos Luxe Smartwatch, I hope you have got complete information about this watch, even after this you are stuck in thinking whether we should buy this watch or not.
But let me tell you that in the budget range of 4,499 rupees, I think this is an amazing smartwatch, it has everything that should be found in the best smartwatch, the display is amazing, the design and latest features and its battery is also good, this can be the best smartwatch for you.
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