How to Set Up or Delete Alarm Clock on Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch

How to Set Up Alarm Clock on Amazfit T-Rex Pro? Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch comes with many advanced features. It has many features like reminders, alarm clocks, Alexa, etc. If you want to set up the alarm clock in Amazfit T-Rex Pro, then definitely read this article till the end. Here I have given information about setting the step-by-step alarm. So let’s start this article without wasting any time.

How to Set Up Alarm Clock on Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Here I have mentioned steps on how to set the alarm on Amazfit T-Rex Pro, which you can follow.

Step 1: First of all, you have to open your Amazfit T-Rex Pro by pressing the side button and then swiping left.

Step 2: Now a menubar will show in front of you, in which you have to select the alarm option.

How to Set Up Alarm Clock on Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Step 3: After coming to the section of the alarm, click on the icon of “+” and after that select the time you want to set the alarm and click on the check mark icon.

After completing these steps, your alarm will be set in your Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatch.

How to Delete Alarm Clock on Amazfit T-Rex Pro

If you want to delete the set alarm, then you can also do this very easily. Here the steps to do this have been mentioned.

Step 1: First of all, go to the menu section of your Amazfit T-Rex Pro watch and click on the alarm option.

Step 2: After this, you will have all the alarm shows that you have set. You also want to delete the alarm, tap on it and click on the delete icon.

After doing this your alarm will be deleted from your Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

Wrapping Up:

So friends, in this article of today, I have given you complete information about how to set an alarm on Amazfit T-Rex Pro. Do tell us how you liked this article by writing it in the comments.

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