How to Fix Spotify Not Working on Galaxy Watch (Easy Way!)

Nowadays, we all are more engaged in the digital world and enjoy our favorite songs using music streaming apps like Spotify with our Samsung Galaxy Watch.

But sometimes it happens that our Galaxy Watch does not work properly with Spotify. You are reading this blog post to find a solution to this problem.

If you also have Spotify not working on Galaxy Watch, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will tell you some easy and effective steps that you can follow to get Spotify working properly again on your Galaxy Watch.

Let’s get started and see how you can enjoy your favorite music streaming service back.

Why is Spotify Not Working on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Spotify has many problems with the Galaxy Watch, and these problems are related to long Bluetooth connections, app updates, storage issues, and device compatibility. Here are some common problems:

  • Bluetooth connection issues: Bluetooth connection issues between the Galaxy Watch and smartphone are often the main reason why Spotify won’t work. To overcome this issue, you need to check the Bluetooth settings and connect both devices.
  • Lack of app updates: If your Galaxy Watch or Spotify app is not up to date, this could be the cause of the problem. Regularly update your apps to the latest version to keep everything working smoothly.
  • Storage issues: Your Galaxy Watch may run out of storage, causing Spotify to not work properly. Junk files or uninstall apps to free up storage and help free up space.
  • Device Compatibility: Some older Galaxy Watch models do not support Spotify. If your watch is out of date, this problem can occur. See the upgrade to a new form that may solve the problem.
  • Background battery optimization: Check your watch’s settings to make sure Spotify isn’t suspending in the background for battery optimization. This can also be a problem.

How to Fix Spotify Not Working on Galaxy Watch

Check Bluetooth Connection

A proper Bluetooth connection is required to play Spotify on the Galaxy Watch. If you’re having trouble with your Bluetooth connection, these step-by-step steps will help you resolve the issue:

  • First, go to the Bluetooth settings of your Galaxy Watch and smartphone. These settings are often found in the “Settings” or “Connections” menu.
  • Access Bluetooth settings, turn Bluetooth off, then turn it off for a while and then on again. This will refresh your connection.
  • If you’ve already paired your Galaxy Watch and your smartphone, unpair them and pair them again. The pairing procedure is often detailed in the device’s user manual.
  • Sometimes, Bluetooth connection issues occur when you are too far away from the device. Bring the devices close to each other and reconnect.
  • Some devices require a pairing code or PIN when you pair them. Your user manual contains information about the codes. If you are asked for this code, enter it correctly.
  • Also, check your smartphone’s Bluetooth drivers and profiles. If one is outdated or corrupt, use an update or repair.

Update the Spotify App

Keeping the Spotify app updated on your Galaxy Watch is an important step in ensuring it runs smoothly. If your Spotify app is out of date, it can have compatibility and performance issues. To update the Spotify app, follow these steps:

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your paired smartphone. If the app is already updated, refresh it to check if the Spotify update is available.
  • In the Galaxy wearable app, go to the “Apps” section and find the Spotify app.
  • After clicking on the Spotify app, you will see an option for “Update”. Click on this option and follow the instructions to update the app to the latest version.
  • It may take a while for the update process to complete, so be patient. When the update is done, your Galaxy Watch will be running the updated version of the Spotify app.

Free up Storage Space

The Galaxy Watch requires storage space for Spotify to function properly. If you notice that Spotify is not loading properly or is crashing frequently, the problem may be due to lack of storage space. Here are some steps that may help you free up storage space:

  • Uninstall unnecessary apps from the watch that you no longer use. In this you can save storage space and the overall performance of the watch can improve.
  • If you have unnecessary photos, videos, or documents, delete them. Often, such files get stuck in our Watch which are not important for us.
  • If you’ve downloaded some songs from Spotify in offline mode, check to see if they’re essential and delete the ones you don’t listen to.
  • Spotify and any apps hold cache files that take up storage space. So, go to the Settings of the Spotify app and clear the cache to free up more space.
  • If your Galaxy Watch supports an external microSD card, you can use it to expand storage space. You can store more music and files in it.

Restart Your Galaxy Watch

When it’s time to find a solution to your Spotify problem, restarting your Galaxy Watch can be an important step. This process can fix all temporary glitches and some minor technical problems of the watch. You can restart your Galaxy Watch by following these steps:

  • Go to your Galaxy Watch’s home screen.
  • Look in the Settings menu. You can usually access this menu by swiping up or scrolling.
  • In the Settings menu, there will be an option like “General” or “About Viewing”. Select this option.
  • Now find the option “Restart” or “Reboot” and select it.
  • You’ll see a message saying “OK” to confirm. Confirm it.

Now your Galaxy Watch will restart. During this process, all temporary files on your watch will be cleared and the operating system will be refreshed. This often resolves problems and helps Spotify run properly.

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