Galaxy Watch Sensor Cover Fell Off: Easy Steps to Fix That!

Samsung Galaxy is a very premium smartwatch in which you get to see many premium features. When our Galaxy Watch becomes old, then there is a problem of falling sensor cover of Samsung Galaxy Watch, which is a common problem.

This cover protects the sensors of the watch, so if this cover is dropped, the sensors of the watch are exposed, which can affect the performance of the watch. But, this problem can be solved very easily.

Galaxy Watch Sensor Cover Fall Off

In this post, we will talk about what causes this problem and how you can fix the sensor cover of your Galaxy Watch.

Causes of Galaxy Watch Sensor Cover Falling Off

The reason for Galaxy Watch’s sensor cover falling off can be anything. Some common reasons are given below:

Physical damage: If your Galaxy Watch has undergone physical damage or if you have dropped the watch, it may also have lost the sensor cover.

Regular wear and tear: Along with regular use, the Galaxy Watch’s sensor cover also experiences wear and tear, which can make it fall off.

Loose or damaged glue: If the glue on the sensor cover is loose or damaged, the sensor cover may have fallen off.

Extreme temperatures: The Galaxy Watch’s sensor can withstand extreme temperatures, such as freezing or falling in hot weather.

Water damage: If the Galaxy Watch isn’t water-resistant or you’ve dropped the watch in water, the sensor cover may have fallen off.

To avoid all that, you should handle your Galaxy Watch properly. See, even though it is water-resistant, should not be used in water. Apart from this, you should regularly clean the sensors and sensor cover of your watch, so that they work properly.

Steps to Replace Samsung Galaxy Watch Sensor Cover

Replacing the sensor cover of the Galaxy Watch is quite easy, but for this, you have to follow some steps carefully. Here, I am going to show you some steps to replace the sensor cover of the Galaxy Watch.

Step 1: Get the Right Sensor Cover

First, you’ll need to purchase a replacement sensor cover. You can buy a genuine replacement sensor cover from Samsung Service Center or from Online Store. Keep in mind that you buy the right model and size sensor cover.

Step 2: Clean Your Galaxy Watch

Now you have to clean the Galaxy Watch properly. You can use a soft cloth for this. The cloth should be absolutely clean and dry so that there are no scratches on the surface of the watch. Keep in mind that due to being water-resistant, do not consider the watch as water-proof while cleaning.

Step 3: Remove the Watch Back Cover

Now you have to remove the back cover of the Galaxy Watch. You can use a watch-opening tool for this. Insert the opening tool inside the back cover and press gently, which will pop out the back cover.

If you don’t have a watch opening tool, you can also use a small flathead screwdriver. But take care that you don’t damage the parts of the watch.

Step 4: Clean Your Watch Sensor Carefully

Now you have to gently clean the sensors of the watch. For this, you can use a soft brush. There should not be any dust or dirt on the sensor. You can clean the sensor using a cotton swab.

If there is a lot of dirt on the sensor, you can clean the sensor by taking some rubbing alcohol in a small container.

Step 5: Install the New Sensor Cover

Now you have to install the new sensor cover. For this, you have to remove the adhesive tape inside the sensor cover. After removing the adhesive tape, gently press the sensor cover over the sensor.

Keep in mind that the size and shape of the sensor cover is matching the sensor properly. If your sensor cover doesn’t match in size and shape, you’ll need to buy a replacement cover.

Step 6: Set Watch Back Cover

Now you have to put back the back cover. Gently press the back cover inside the view, such that the back cover will be fully engaged. If there is any damage to the back cover, you will need to purchase a new back cover.

Step 7: Turn on the Watch and Test the Sensors

Now you have to see but have to do. After checking, test the sensors. If the sensors are working properly.

Pro Tips:- To avoid falling off the Galaxy Watch’s sensor cover, you can keep a few tips in mind. To keep your watch clean, you need to use and clean it regularly. If you protect your watch from rough treatment, you can avoid this problem.

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