Why is My Fitbit Not Tracking My Sleep – How to Fix!

Nowadays, we all try to focus on our health and fitness. That’s why smart wearables, like Fitbit, have started booming in their business.

Fitbit is a device that monitors our lifestyle, tracks our physical activities, and even maps the quality of our sleep. But, sometimes it happens that our Fitbit starts facing problems in sleep tracking.

If your Fitbit is not working properly in tracking your sleep then don’t worry, because we will tell you the solution to this problem in this blog post.

Main causes of problems with Fitbit sleep tracking

There are several things that can cause problems with Fitbit sleep tracking, and some of them are:

  • If the battery of your Fitbit device is low, then you may need to turn off the tracking band.
  • Occasionally Fitbit releases firmware updates to improve sleep tracking. If you have not updated your device, there may be a problem with tracking.
  • The Fitbit device should be worn correctly on your wrist. If your device is not worn in the correct position, the tracking may be incorrect.
  • It is necessary to activate “Sleep Mode” in Fitbit so that it can track your sleep. If you forget to activate it, then tracking will not happen.
  • It is also necessary to sync the Fitbit device with your smartphone. If your device is not connected to your phone, tracking data will not be available.

How to Fix Fitbit Not Tracking My Sleep Issue

To fix the Fitbit sleep tracking issue, you can follow some steps given below:

Check Battery Level

Whenever you are having trouble tracking sleep on your Fitbit, the first thing you should do is check the battery level of your device. If your Fitbit’s battery is low, sleep tracking will not work properly. Therefore, keep charging your Fitbit regularly so that it is always ready.

Update Firmware

Fitbit’s new firmware updates often prove helpful in improving tracking. If your Fitbit device is running on outdated firmware, you may face problems tracking your data. Therefore, update the firmware of your Fitbit at regular intervals.

Correct Device Position

Wearing the Fitbit device correctly is also important. Make sure it is tight and comfortable on your Fitbit wrist. By wearing it in the right position on the wrist, the device can accurately track the movements and heart rate of the person.

Activate Sleep Mode

Fitbit must activate “Sleep Mode” for sleep tracking. Activating Sleep Mode prepares Fitbit to monitor your sleep. Therefore, turn on this feature every night before going to bed.


Keep syncing the Fitbit device with your smartphone at regular intervals. This will always keep your device’s data up-to-date and you can view your sleep’s tracking data on your phone.

Contact Customer Support

If your Fitbit’s tracking still doesn’t work despite the above solutions, contact Fitbit customer support. They will give you more helpful advice and help you fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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