Why is My Fitbit Touchscreen Not Working: How to Fix!

Why is My Fitbit Touchscreen Not Working? Fitbit is a fitness tracking band that is very popular for tracking physical activity. But sometimes a complaint is often heard by the user regarding the Fitbit screen that the touchscreen of their Fitbit is not working.

When I did research on this topic, we found that it is indeed a serious issue. When our Fitbit’s touchscreen does not work properly or freezes, then we have to face many difficulties in operating it.

In this blog post, I will tell you about some important reasons for touchscreen issues in Fitbit and also give you a complete guide on how to fix the Fitbit touchscreen issue.

Why is My Fitbit Touchscreen Not Working

So without wasting any time let’s start this article and get information about the Fitbit touchscreen not working issue.

Common Reasons Why Fitbit Touchscreen Stops Working

Here are some common reasons why your Fitbit touchscreen might not be working.


When water comes on the screen of the Fitbit watch, then the screen of the Fitbit does not work properly, and because of this, we have a lot of difficulty in operating our Fitbit.

The problem of the Fitbit touchscreen not working due to moisture often occurring during swimming, showering, sweating, or rain, when water droplets form on the moisture screen and reduce the sensitivity of the screen.

If moisture has accumulated on your Fitbit screen as well, then you can fix it by following the steps mentioned below.

How to Fix the Moisture Screen of Fitbit

  • First of all, you should turn off your Fitbit so that there is no accidental touch on your screen.
  • After this, you should carefully clean the screen with a clean and dry cloth so that all the moisture is removed from the screen.
  • After this, you should leave your Fitbit watch to dry so that the screen dries properly. Make sure to note one thing that does not use any source like a dryer or microwave to dry the screen.
  • When your watch is completely dry, turn on your Fitbit. Now you can use your Fitbit.

Screen Protector

The screen protector is a good way to avoid damage to the screen of your watch, but do you know that it can reduce the sensitivity of your screen?

The screen protector in which thicker plastic material is used affects the sensitivity of the screen of your watch. So always choose good material and quality screen protector for your watch so that your watch screen remains safe and works properly.

Covered and Dirt on Fingers

If there is dirt on your finger or you are covering your finger, then the touchscreen of your Fitbit does not work properly. Whenever you use your Fitbit, make sure that your finger is properly cleaned and not covered at all.

Physical Damage

Physical damage can become the source of the touchscreen issue of the Fitbit device. If your device has been dropped or any kind of subjected impact has come on it, due to which the touchscreen of your watch has cracked, then your touchscreen may not work properly.

To avoid this issue, you should avoid wearing your Fitbit device in such a situation where your device is at risk of getting damaged. If there is any kind of physical damage in your Fitbit, then you should get it checked in a good repair center.

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Wrapping Up:

If your Fitbit touchscreen is not working then it is a major issue. Because of this issue, you cannot use your Fitbit properly. In this article, I have explained some reasons why your Fitbit touchscreen may stop working.

My opinion is that if your Fitbit screen is not working then you should get it checked in Fitbit customer care or repair center to know about the major issue of your screen.

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