Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch 2022 | Full Specs & Features Review

Hello, friends in today’s article I am going to tell about a smartwatch from wearable India’s No.1 brand Fire Bolt which is the best smartwatch in the budget price range of under 4000 in 2022.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch

The company has named this smartwatch Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch. This is the best-in-class smartwatch at affordable prices, this is the best smartwatch of the company’s own series Fire Bolt RinG which was launched on 3 July 2022 in the Indian online market. Earlier, the company had launched the Fire Boltt Ring 2 smartwatch of this series, which proved to be good for both the company and the users.

Along with the Bluetooth calling feature, many more features are available in this smartwatch. Supports SpO2 & Heart Rate Monitor, Multiple Sports Mode, Daily Activity Tracking, and Voice Assistance and this smartwatch sports a large 1.8-inch display. This is the best Bluetooth calling smartwatch which can be a good option for you in the budget price of under 4000.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Price in India

This is one of the top 10 best smartwatches under 4000. If we talk about its price, then it is available in multiple colors for under 4000 on the Indian platform Amazon for 3499rs. You can go and check. And the complete review of this smartwatch is given below one by one, you can go and read it.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Box Contents

The feature highlights on the box of the smartwatch are the Fire Bolt branding and the picture of the smartwatch. And upon unboxing the box, our Fire Boltt RinG 3 Smartwatch is first seen on the top.

After that, in the lower compartment, welcome note cards, user manuals, and subscription cards can be seen. After that, a magnetic type charging cable is seen to charge the smartwatch in the last.

  1. Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch
  2. Welcome Notes & User manual
  3. Magnetic charging Cable

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Display

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch

This Smartwatch from Fire Boltt has a large display with a 1.8-inch HD TFT touch screen which gives a very premium feel to the watch. Its display is quite smooth, if you touch even a little bit, then it works properly. Due to its large screen size, the screen is very easy to read.

It comes with a square dial with a screen resolution of 240*286 pixels and a pixel density of 218ppi. And the color of the screen is also a very good deep balance of color is seen. The overall display is good considering the price.

Talking about its brightness, the indoor condition is quite good, in indoor you will be able to read its screen comfortably. And along with this, the outdoor condition is also good, even outdoors you will be able to read its screen, its screen becomes visible even outdoors. But you may have to struggle in direct sunlight.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Build Quality & Design look

The Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch is available on Amazon in multiple 6 colors – Black, Gold Black, Grey, Navy, Rose Gold, and Silver Starlight. All these colors are amazing, the smartwatch of all colors is very beautiful. I am going to give you a review of the Gold Black Smartwatch.

The build quality of this smartwatch is found in metal, which looks very premium and attractive, its frame is found in metal, on which golden finishing has been provided. The design of the smartwatch is seen in a square shape, which is very similar to the design of the Apple Watch.

On the right side of the smartwatch, the crown rotates button is provided to turn on / off the smartwatch, which comes with a metal finishing. Through this button, you can change the watch face by rotating it and can also access the menu.

The in-built microphone is seen next to this button and on the other side, the speaker has been provided in the left side, due to which very good sound comes out. Apart from this, multiple sensors in the back side and the charging pin for charging the smartwatch, and the branding of Fire Boltt are seen.

The strap band of the smartwatch is made of very smooth silicone, which gives quite a strong exchangeable strap. The width size of the strap is 20 mm, if you do not like this strap, then you can buy another strap of 20 mm by buying it from the market, you can easily remove and add it. And the strap band buckles bear the Fire Boltt branding.

The dimensions of this device are 46.4 x 37.9 x 11.8 cm and this smartwatch is lightweight and weighs only 57 grams. If you wear a heavy smartwatch, then you will not have any problem with its weight, it will feel light to wear it, but if you wear a lightweight watch, then in the beginning you may feel a little heavy smartwatch.

Due to its soft band, you can wear it comfortably for a long time. This is a friendly smartwatch, it fits snugly on the wrists and does not itch, etc. even after continuous wear. The design & look of this smartwatch is very amazing, it provides a different look when wearing it, and it will feel like you are wearing Apple Watch.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Battery life

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch

This Fire Boltt smartwatch has a Lithium Ion battery, which has a battery capacity of 260mAh. Its battery is a bit weak point as it provides a battery life of 4 to 5 days only in normal usage. If you use it with Bluetooth calling and heart rate then 2 to 3 days of battery life is available.

I think if it had got more battery life then it would have been better. Apart from this, it supports fast charging, it takes 90 minutes for a 100% full charge. And to charge it, a magnetic type charging cable can be seen.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Health & Fitness mode

118 sports modes are available in the smartwatch, which includes swimming pool mode, running, walking, tennis, football, badminton, basketball, cricket, skipping, yoga, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, hawking, etc. Many sports modes are given. Is. And no other smartwatch in this price range has so many sports modes.

Apart from this, the heart rate sensor, blood oxygen saturation, and SpO2 sensor are supported in the smartwatch. The heart rate sensor & SpO2 works with up to 96% accuracy. But as I have always suggested to you that this is just a smartwatch, it is not medical equipment, even if it gives accurate results, we cannot trust it. With the smartwatch, you can use it only as a check, if anything happens to you, do not trust the smartwatch and immediately consult a doctor.

After this, the support of daily activity tracking is also seen, you can easily track your daily activity exercise. Step count, distance tracking, calorie burn, how many calories burned in your 1 day as well as light, deep, Support for wake-sleep tracking, and a pedometer is also available.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch User Interface

Talking about the user interface of the smartwatch, first of all, by long pressing on the home screen, you can see the option to change the watch faces, from here you can change the watch faces of the smartwatch. After this, if you swipe up from the bottom, then you get to see the notification message. From here you can access all the notifications you get on the smartwatch.

On swiping from top to bottom, call manage option, flashlight, and setting option, in which all the information of the display is found like vibration, do not disturb, ringtone, time, etc. And apart from this, the option of brightness adjustment is available, from here you can adjust the brightness according to your and see the battery percentage and time, and date.

Another special feature is seen in the above, if water drops through the speaker in the smartwatch, then turning on this feature removes all the water, which the company has provided as a very good feature.

If you swipe from left to right, the main menu opens. Here you get to see all the features of the smartwatch such as Weather Forecast, Messages, Music, Camera Control, AI Voice Assistance, Alarm, Timer, Flashlight, Find My Phone, Tracker Activity Recorder, Calculator as well as support for games. Is found. And the option of setting is seen, in which many display features are available.

And swiping from right to left, first of all, you get the option of Call Manage, Activity, Heart Rate, SpO2, Music, and Add (+) means you can add any feature here according to you.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Other features

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch

The Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch comes with a slew of other features and specifications, including an alarm, stopwatch, timer, water reminder, weather forecast, flashlight, Find My Phone, Do Not Disturb (DND) as well as support for camera shutter and music play. Is. You can also listen to music on this smartwatch and very good loud sound comes out of it.

Apart from this, a special feature comes with the Bluetooth calling feature, you can pair the smartwatch with the mobile and you can do the calling conversation directly with the smartwatch. Its calling performance is quite clear. 3 options are available for calling Quick Access Dial Pad, View Call History, Sync & Save Contacts. I think this comes out as the best Bluetooth calling smartwatch in the under 4000 price range.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Bluetooth calling

Smartwatch has 3 menu styles first honeycomb, second list, and third Grid. And this watch comes with the support of AI Voice Assistance, you can also make calls directly by speaking with the help of this feature.

The Fire Boltt company has also provided games in this watch, in this smartwatch you get to see 4 games, Battleship, Floopy, 2048, and Hamster. Apart from this, it comes with the support of IP67 rating water-resistant & dustproof, and scratchproof. Wearing this, you can go in the rain and also swim, but take care not to take the smartwatch in depth.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Connectivity

Bluetooth version 5.0 has been supported for connectivity in the smartwatch but it does not pair directly with the mobile phone. An application for pairing smartwatches with mobile phones is supported by the Da-Fit app. This application is easily available on Google Play Store / Apple Store. download and install it.

After that enable Bluetooth in the smartwatch and then open the Da-Fit application on your mobile phone. After opening, the option of Add new device will come, after clicking on the name of the smartwatch comes, on tap, the smartwatch is paired with the smartphone.
And then go to the section Bluetooth, from there you can pair it with Bluetooth calling.

Da-fit app User Interface

Now coming to the user interface of this application, as soon as you open the app, you get to see the home page where you get to see the complete details of activity tracking. Whatever you have done, you get to see the record data of all these features like heart rate, blood oxygen, and activity tracking.

After that the option of the smartwatch is seen in the second man menu, from here you can change multiple watch faces and from here you can also apply a personal watch face. And also you can enable app notification, meaning you want notification of any app in your smartwatch, from here you can enable it.

After that, you get to see the option of Alarm, Camera Shutter, Favorite Contacts, and other options, in which many options are available. The weather forecast, cycle reminder, heart rate warning, female mensuration health cycle, etc.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Specifications:-

BrandFire Boltt
Display1.8 inch HD Display
Bluetooth5.0 version
Bluetooth Calling Yes”
Health featuresHR, SpO2 and Sleep tracking more.
Battery Capacity260mAh
Battery life4 to 5 Days
CompatibleAndroid & iOS


  • Amazing Design & look
  • 1.8 inch large & smooth Display
  • Heart rate sensor & SpO2 gives accurate result
  • 118 Sports mode
  • Bluetooth calling feature
  • IP67 Water resistant & Dustproof, Scratch proof
  • Overall Best smartwatch according to price


  • No GPS
  • No WiFi
  • No Email
  • Battery life should have been more

Should we buy this smartwatch?

Today in this article we have given complete review details of the Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch, hope you have got complete information about this smartwatch. But now the question comes whether this smartwatch is worth buying, should it be bought or not?

If you listen to me, then this smartwatch is the best under 4000 budget price because it has a lot of useful features like Bluetooth calling feature, music play, AI voice assistance, and 118 sports modes, etc. have been given in it. And the design & look is also amazing. I think this is the best smartwatch in this price range.

But apart from all these advantages, it also has some drawbacks which we cannot ignore. First of all, GPS & WiFi support is not available in it and there is no option for email as well, apart from this one major drawback that has come out is its battery. The battery of this smartwatch is available only for 4 to 5 days.

But still, I recommend this smartwatch. Because all the smartwatches in this range have some drawbacks. That’s why this is the best smartwatch, this smartwatch is a must-buy once. It is available on Amazon in multiple colors. You can buy it by going there.

Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch Final words

In today’s article, we have told about the Fire Boltt Ring 3 Smartwatch, hope you have liked it. If you have any questions related to the article, then you can tell us by writing in the comment box below.

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