Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch Complete Review | 1.83″ IPS Display

hello, friends India’s No.1 brand Fire Boltt is about to launch its series of new device Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch on the Amazon platform recently, which looks like a copy of the Fire Boltt Ninja Smartwatch.

And before that, the company had launched the Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Smartwatch which proved to be very good for both the company and the users. This is going to be a Bluetooth calling smartwatch and at the same time, you will get to see the feature of IP67 water resistance and AI voice assistant.

If you talk about Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch Price in India, it is going to be launched on Amazon for under 2500, which can be a good option for you in the low-budget price range of under 2500.

Box Contents Specifications

Talking about its box contents specification, on opening the box, first of all, you get the best Fire Boltt smartwatch which gives a very premium feel to the watch.

And then in its box, a user manual, warranty card, and some extra subscription cards are available which you can access, and to charge the watch, a magnetic charging cable has been supported in the box.

  • Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • User Manual & Warranty Card

Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch Display features

This smartwatch of Fire Boltt has a 1.83-inch large color IPS display with a square dial, whose screen resolution is 240*280 pixels and the pixel density is 217ppi.

If we talk about its brightness, then you do not get any special brightness in it, only normal brightness is available. Along with indoor, you will be able to read its screen at full brightness, but in outdoor sunlight, you may have to struggle a bit regarding its brightness.

Its screen is very bright & premium, which looks very good and the display also works very well. But some shortcomings come out in its display, such as the support of AMOLED display is not available and also the screen resolution is also less according to the under 2500 price.

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Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch Build & Design

Talking about its design & look its design is similar to Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Smartwatch, which is a dual-chip Bluetooth calling smartwatch and it gives a very premium feel to the look.

This is a rectangular shape smart watch whose build is made of metal and the back of the watch is made of plastic. A crown button has been given on the side of the watch, which can only be used for on/off, as well as on the back side of the watch, inbuilt mic & speaker and charging point, support for multiple sensors is seen.

Apart from this, very soft silicone straps were provided with this watch of Fire Boltt and this watch is also very lightweight, so you can wear it comfortably on your wrist for a long time, and there will be no problem.

Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch Battery Life

In this watch, you have been given a battery type of Lithium Ion, which once fully charges the watch, provides a battery life of 7 days in normal use and a comfortable 15 days of battery life in standby time.

And apart from this, if you use heavy with continuous Bluetooth calling, heart rate monitoring, and SpO2 monitoring, then still this watch of Fire Boltt provides 2 to 3 days of battery backup.

So according to the under 2500 price range, you get a decent battery in it.

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Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch Health & Fitness features

Fire Boltt Smartwatch has been supported by many features related to health & fitness, such as a 24*7 real-time heart rate monitor, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen), sleep monitor, and stress monitor support to measure your body health. Is.

Apart from this, the support of Almost All Tracker is available in this watch, as well as multiple sports modes have been given, which includes running, skipping, football, basketball, rope jumping, etc.

Fire Boltt Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

Bluetooth calling feature has been supported in this watch Fire Boltt Ninja, so by connecting this watch to a mobile, you can also talk to your friend or cousin through the direct watch.

You can access all three options of the phone feature in dial pad, contact, and recent call watch.

Apart from this, you can listen to music along with calling in this watch because this watch of Fire Boltt Ninja comes with an inbuilt mic & speaker.

Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch Other features

Apart from this, talk about other features of the Fire Boltt Smartwatch, so many features have been given in it, and this watch is full of specifications & features such as support for alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, sedentary reminder, calendar, etc.

And also smart features support multiple different watch faces, an inbuilt game, an inbuilt mic & speaker, music and camera control, AI voice assistant, and IP67 water resistance, so wearing it you can go in the rain but wearing it you Can’t do swimming.

Talking about the connectivity feature, you have been given the support of Bluetooth 5.0 version and this watch is compatible with Android & iOS, so you can easily connect it to your mobile and access all its features.

Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch Connectivity

Talk about the connectivity of this noise smartwatch, Bluetooth v5.0 has been supported to connect this watch to mobile, and also it supports the DA-Fit application so that you can access all the features of the smartwatch.

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Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch Specifications:
1.BrandFire Boltt
2.Display1.83-inch large IPS Display
4.Bluetooth5.0 version
5.Bluetooth CallingYes”
7.Battery life7 Days
8.AI Voice AssistantYes”
9.Water-resistantYes”, IP67, 1m Depth
10.Extra featuresInbuilt game, 100 Sports modes, Female Health Care

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So friends, in today’s article, I have given a complete review of the Fire Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus Smartwatch, which is going to be launched recently on Amazon for under 2500 rupees, hope you have got complete information about this watch.

But now the question comes whether the Fire Boltt smartwatch is a valuable device or not?

If you listen to me, this watch is not that special because, in the price range of 2500, you get to see the support of normal features which you get to see in smartwatches under 2000. And its design is also normal like the previous Watch Fire Boltt Ninja Smartwatch of this series.

So in my opinion, this is not a valuable smartwatch, so whether you should take this watch or not, I leave it up to you. If you want to get the best smartwatch with the latest features in this price range, then I have given the complete list of the best smartwatches under 2500 and the best round smartwatches under 3000, you can go and check out.

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