Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch Review in India 2022

China Brand Crossbeats is now growing very fast in Indian Market and Crossbeats has made a very good hold in Indian People’s Hearts & Indian Market in 2022.

And to further strengthen this grip, Crossbeats has launched the best Bluetooth calling smartwatch for its users on 8th July 2022 under a budget price of 5000. The company has named this watch as Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch which is a square smartwatch.

Earlier Crossbeats launched many smartwatches under 5000 of its company such as Crossbeats Ignite S3, Crossbeats Orbit, Crossbeats Ignite Spectra Smartwatch & more.

But the Cross beats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch is the best in the under 5000 budget range as it comes with a 1.9 inches large 3D curved UHD display and Bluetooth calling feature. Apart from this, Fast Charging with SnapCharge™ comes with the All Health feature & 15 days battery life.

Apart from this, many features are supported in this watch, which you will find below in this review.

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Price in India

Talking about the price of this smartwatch from Crossbeats, it is available under Rs 5000 on India’s biggest online platform in Blue color for Rs 4,999, which can prove to be the best watch for you.

Box Content Specifications

Talking about its box contents, first of all, its box packaging is amazing and as soon as we unbox the box, first, we get to see our best Cross beats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch on the top.

And then on the bottom side, you can see the wireless magnetic charger and user manual, hello card & download the user manual scanner card.

  • Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch
  • Magnetic Type Charger
  • User Manual & Hello Namaste card
  • 1-year Warranty Card

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Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch Display

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch

In this Crossbeats watch, you have been given a 1.9-inch edge-to-edge 3D curved UHD display which looks very premium to look at. If its display is sharp and smooth, then you will not have any problem moving its screen, but you are going to get the feeling of Apple.

Its screen resolution is 320 x 385 pixels and its pixel density is 263ppi. In this, you get the support of 600 nits brightness, so you will not have any problem with brightness, indoor, as well as outdoor visibility, is very good, you will be able to read its screen perfectly in outdoors.

And also it comes with Always On Display. Even though you do not get to see the support of an AMOLED display, despite not having an AMOLED screen, its screen is quite sharp and ultra smooth and it is a bezel-less smartwatch.

If you touch its screen even a little bit, then its screen works perfectly, and its touch response is quite good. Overall with this watch, you will not have any problem regarding its display.

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch Design & look

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch

Talking about the design & look of this watch, its design & look is a copy of the complete Apple Watch Series 7 which looks very attractive & premium to look at.

The smartwatch comes with a metallic frame and a glass build on the back side and comes with a full zinc alloy material finishing which makes the body look amazingly premium.

A crown rotate button has been given on the side of the watch and next to it, support for an inbuilt microphone and dedicated button can be seen. And on the other side of the watch, the support of an inbuilt speaker is seen.

And for charging the smartwatch, support for a dedicated magnetic sensor and health feature sensor is seen.

It comes in a compact size so this smartwatch fits perfectly on thick & thin wrists easily. The company has provided a very soft 44mm Apple strap with this watch, which is a good thing. So it is comfortable for a long time, you can wear it comfortably for a long time, and there will be no itching in your wrists.

But this watch gets a little heavyweight. If you already wear a light watch then this watch may seem a bit heavy initially because it is a heavy watch but if you already wear a heavyweight smartwatch then it is perfect for you. And after wearing this watch, gives a different look to the wrists because it represents the Apple Watch Series 7.

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Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch Health Tracker

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch

The smartwatch comes with the support of Al-Powered Health Matrix, so in this watch, you get support for real-time heart rate monitor, blood pressure, SpO2 blood oxygen for health measurement as well as support stress monitor & sleep tracking.

SpO2 & Heart rate is very accurate but as I have told you in every review that even though it gives accurate results but it is not a piece of medical equipment, it can only be used as a check. If something happens to you, do not trust this watch, consult a doctor immediately.

Apart from this, almost all trackers are supported in this watch such as step count, distance, and calorie burn. Along with this, 10 sports modes have been supported in this smartwatch, which include running, walking, basketball, football, etc. But according to the price very few sports modes are available and should have been available.

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Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch Battery life

In this watch, you get battery-type Lithium Ion which provides a battery life of 15 days on average life and 1 month in standby time. And if you use heavy, then you get to see the support of 4 to 5 days of battery life, which has been provided perfect battery life according to the price.

Also, this smartwatch comes with Fast Charging with SnapCharge™ and supports magnetic-type wireless charging to charge the smartwatch.

Crossbeats Smartwatch User Interface (UI)

Talking about the user interface of this watch, the user interface of this watch is quite smooth, while running the watch, you will get the feeling of Apple.

In this, a crown rotates button has been given in the watch which is working, by pressing it you can go back & and change multiple watch faces. And a dedicated bot has been provided under the same, by pressing which you go into direct sports mode.

And on swiping from top to bottom on the home screen, there is an option to adjust the brightness, after that, the feature of Vibration On / Off, Music Play as well as Draining Water Out and the option of Torch, SOS, Alarm, and More is seen.

Swiping up from the bottom goes to the main menu, where you get to see all the features of the smartwatch such as sedentary reminder, find my phone, stopwatch, call feature, and any social media notification alert.

Swiping from right to left shows some shortcut features of the smartwatch. First, there is an activity show, after that the option of Heart Rate, Weather, Music, and ADD + is available.

On swiping from left to right, here you also get to see some shortcut features such as Bluetooth calling feature, setting, alarm, etc.

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Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch Connectivity

For connectivity in the smartwatch, the latest version of Bluetooth 5.3 support is available, and also support for the WearPro app is also available.

After that, the option of Find device is seen in the app, on clicking the page of cloud connectivity opens, and here the name S4 Max will come, on clicking on which the smartwatch is paired with your mobile phone.

To connect the smartwatch to the mobile phone, first you need to download and install the WearPro app on your phone from the Google Play Store. After that enable Bluetooth in the smartwatch.

Then you have to open the app on your mobile, as soon as you open it, first, you get the option of Agree, click on it, and after that, you have to sign up. After completing the signup, the option to accept will come.

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch Other Features

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch

This watch from Crosbeats Bluetooth voice-calling smartwatch with good calling performance under 5000. It comes with an inbuilt microphone & speaker, so you can play music on this watch as well.

Apart from this, it also comes with support for AI voice assistance, calculator support, multiple watch faces + live watch faces, 5 minutes always-on mode, and 6 menu styles, so you can choose any menu style you want.

And in this watch, the support of the IP68 Water Resistant & Draining Water Out feature is available. If water gets into your smartwatch, this feature helps to drain the water out of your watch.

Apart from this, many other features are available in it such as support for alarm, stopwatch, sedentary reminder, notification alert, camera control, torch, weather, find my phone, etc.

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch Specifications:-

Display1.99-inch UHD Color Display
Bluetooth CallingYes”
Water-resistantYes”, IP68
Battery Life15 Days
Health featuresHR, SpO2 and Blood Pressure Monitor, etc.
Extra features11 menu interface themes, password lock, watch faces, etc.
Compatible withAndroid & iOS


  • 1.9-inch edge-to-edge 3D curved UHD Display
  • Amazing Design
  • Battery is Good
  • 500 watch faces +live watch face
  • Compatible with Android & Ios
  • Comfort to Wear
  • Overall Perfect smartwatch according to the Price


  • No GPS & WiFi
  • No Camera
  • No AMOLED Display
  • Get a little heavy-weight watch
  • sport mode is too low

Should we buy this smartwatch?

In this article, I have given a complete review of Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch. Hope you have got complete information about this watch.
But now the question is whether to buy this smartwatch or not to buy it?

I think it is one of the best square smartwatch as it comes with features like Bluetooth calling feature, always on display, 6 menu styles, and draining water out.

And best of all, it sports an edge-to-edge 1.9-inch large 3D curved UHD display which is not seen in any other smartwatch under 5000.

But apart from this, some drawbacks are also found in it which we cannot ignore, such as GPS, WiFi and Sport mode are also less available. But you can ignore it because it is not a big drawback. This is the best Smartwatch under 5000 which will prove to be better for you.

Final Words

In this article, I have given a complete review of Crossbeats Ignite S4 Max Smartwatch. Hope you liked it. If you have any questions related to this article, then you can tell us by writing in the comment box below.

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