Boult Audio Omega Earbuds (TWS) Review in India 2022

The Origin Country of China has launched another Boult for its US-era earbuds. This new Boult earbud has been recently launched in the Indian market in 2022, which the company has named Boult Audio Omega Earbuds. If you are thinking of getting one of the best earbuds for yourself and your budget is less than 3000, then this can prove to be good for you.

Because these Boult Audio Omega earbuds have many sound features to design and look amazing. Also, the battery is also robust and comes with (ANC) Active Noise Cancellation and (ENC) Environment Noise Cancellation. This is not seen in most of the earbuds in this under 3000 budget price range. And also the audio sound provides an amazing signature balance of HD sound.

If we talk about the price of this Boult Audio Omega Earbuds (TWS), then its price is available on Amazon in the online market under Rs 3000 for exactly 2499 rupees. Which can prove to be very good earbuds at this price. The complete review information of this earbud is given below in this article, you can go and read it.

Box Contents Unboxing

Talking about its box contents, as soon as you unbox the box, first, you get to see the user manual, then in a separate section on the side of the box, there are 2 pairs of air tips of different sizes and a USB type for charging the charging case. C cable is visible. And in the last, we get to see Boult Audio Omega Earbuds.

  1. User Manual
  2. Ear tips & USB type C cable
  3. Boult Audio Omega Earbuds.

Design Look & Fit

The charging case and earbuds come with Totally Matte color porting. The design of the charging case is seen in a capsule shape, which gives a very compact look and is also very easy to carry. This device is a pocket-friendly device. Talking about its build quality, the build quality of both the charging case and the earbuds is made of premium plastic. A very good finishing build is available, the plastic build does not feel cheap from anywhere. Build quality is good considering the under 3000 price.

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The Boult Audio branding is seen on the top side of the charging case and the USB Type C port for charging the charging case on the back side and 4 LED lights on the front. If I talk about the earbuds, then they get the air-stamped design which is done at a 45-degree angle to provide you a better grip. Both the earbuds get the Boult Audio logo under the round circle at the top and front and this round circle comes with chrome finishing which makes it look premium and attractive.

The size of the earbuds is perfect, the charging point has been given on the stamp of both the earbuds and the LED light has been given above it. The earbuds are very lightweight, due to which it gives good comfort and light feel when applied in the ear and its grip is also very good, it fits perfectly in the ear. It does not fall from the ear while doing running, or fitness exercises.

You can use the earbuds continuously for 3 to 4 hours comfortably, there will be no heavy feeling or pain. But if you use it for more than 4 hours, then there may be a slight pain in the ear if not more. But you can ignore it because almost all the earbuds under 4000 feel pain after applying it for more than 3 or 4 hours. It is not much, the pen will feel light.

Battery Life

Now coming to its battery department, the battery capacity of 500mAh is available in the charging case and the battery capacity of 70mAh has been provided in this earbud. The company says that the charging case and earbuds together give 30 hours of playtime.

If I talk about the earbuds only, then after full charge it gets 7 hours of continuous music playtime with ANC at 100% volume. And if you turn off ANC then it gives even more battery life. This device supports fast charging and charges USB Type-C cable is available for charging this device. I think its battery descent is available in under 3000.

Microphone Performance

Each of the earbuds is supported by 2 mics, a primary microphone on the bottom stamp, and a feedback noise cancellation microphone on the top side. The ENC technology is used in the earbuds as well as ANC support is also available which reduces noise. Talking about indoor conditions, this device performs very well indoors whether it is an online class or zoom meetings it provides the best clean voice indoors.

But talking about the outdoor condition, when talking in outdoor traffic, the person in front will hear your clear voice but at the same time, a little noise will also be heard, not very little. But in the outdoors where there is not much noise or traffic, you can talk clearly from there, there will be no problem. According to me, considering the price, indoor amazing is available but the outdoor condition is also good.

Sound features & Audio performance

The sound feature is provided with a 10mm dynamic driver and the earbuds support 3 presets. First Bass Boost Mode, Second HiFi Mode, and Third Rock Mode. These three are the best modes available but the best of these three is the HiFi mode which gives deep and punchy bass and very good richness bass and the vocals are also clean.

Talking about loudness, neither more nor less enough loudness is available. And there will be no audio liquids in it at all. It’s audio sound in HD. Clearly, there will be no chance of any complaints ranging from audio sound to clean sound. In additional features, it comes with a water-resistant rating of IPX5 to protect against water and dust, so you can use it in light rain.


A touch sensor has been used in this earbud which is quite smooth and gives a perfect touch response. With touch control, you can control music, accept/reject calls, etc. The earbuds come with stereo and mono modes. By keeping this one on charging, you can use one single whether it is right or left.


Bluetooth 5.2 version is supported for connectivity in Boult Audio Omega Earbuds and the range of Bluetooth connectivity is available up to 10 meters. Its connectivity is very good. It is very easy to connect the earbuds to the mobile, as soon as the charging case is opened, it is paired via Bluetooth.

Game mode

Talking about its gaming mode, the dedicated game mode has been provided under the earbuds. It has the support of low latency of 45ms, which provides good performance for the game. Gaming mode is activated by tapping the left earbuds 4 times, its gaming performance is good.


  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Fast Charging Support
  • Battery life is Good
  • HD Sound Quality
  • Google voise Assisstance & Siri
  • 20 Hz (Min) -20 kHz (Max) frequency response


  • Everything is right according to the price but the magnetic power of the case is low, due to which the earbuds come out when the charging case is jerked.

Should we buy this earbud?

Friends, today I have given a complete review of Boult Audio Omega Earbuds in this article, hope you have got complete information about these earbuds. But now the question comes whether one should buy this Boult Audio Omega Earbud or not. I believe that these are the best earbuds among the 2499 rupees as it offers amazing features from sound to gaming mode as well as look & design. And most notably, there is no shortage in it, only a normal drawback is found, the magnetic power of the charging case is a little slow but you can ignore it, it is not a big deal.

Final word

I think the best earbuds under 3000 are available in this price range, this device is a must-buy once. Hope you liked this article. If you have any questions related to this article, then you can tell us by writing in the comment box below.

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