10 Useful and Best Widgets For Garmin Watches

Garmin is a very premium watch that is known for its impressive features and functionality. This watch comes with many advanced features, in which a special feature is Widgets.

Although you will get to see the feature of widgets in many watches. But in Garmin watches you get the support of many advanced widgets.

Apart from this, you can download many widgets, watch faces, games, and apps to your Garmin watches with the help of the Garmin Connect app store.

In today’s blog post, I am going to tell you about some best and most useful widgets for Garmin watches. So let’s get started.

Are Widgets and Apps are Similar

Widgets and Apps are not the same things, but they are related to each other.

Widgets are small application or tool that is designed to perform a specific function. This is a kind of shortcut that is set on the home screen or lock screen of the watch. With its help, you can perform any particular task in one click.

For example, suppose you have set the heart rate monitoring widget on the home screen of your watch, then it will display your heart rate report on the home screen itself.

On the other hand, if we talk about an app, then it is a software application. It is installed in your devices like smartwatches, smartphones, laptops, etc. To use the app, its icon or shortcut is provided on the screen of the device, by clicking on which you can access it. Along with this, to use an app, first it has to be downloaded from the App Store.

Best Widgets for Garmin Watches

Garmin watches offer a wide range of widgets to enhance your fitness and lifestyle tracking experience. Here are some of the best widgets for Garmin watches:

1. Torch Widget

Torch on Garmin Watch

Torch Widget provides a flashlight function in Garmin watches. These widgets are very useful. Suppose you are somewhere in a dark or low-light environment like camping, hiking, and walking at night and you have only your watch, then you can take the help of this widget.

Torch widgets mainly use LED light in Garmin watches whose light is quite bright and focused. You can also adjust the brightness of the Garmin watch’s torch widget after turning it on.

To use this widget, you must first download and install it on your watch. After this, with one click, you can access the torch in your watch.

  • Price: Free

2. Water Logger Widget

Water Logger on Garmin Watch

Water Logger is a very helpful widget, with the help of which you can track your daily water intake. Apart from this it also gives you reminders to drink water.

This widget is most useful for those people who drink very little water in a day, this widget will help them to remember to drink water. Apart from this, it also provides a report of how much water you have drunk throughout the day.

The widgets then track your water intake throughout the day and provide reminders to drink water at regular intervals to help you stay hydrated.

The Water Logger widget is always active on your screen, you can see its data by sliding on the screen.

  • Price: Free

3. Weather Widget

Weather on Garmin Watch

The weather widget is a very useful tool in Garmin watches that shows weather information on the screen of your watch. These widgets mainly tell the current temperature and weather conditions like sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy.

Apart from this, through weather widgets, you can also show the weather forecast information for the next few days on the screen of your Garmin watch. How will the weather be for the next few days, it gives you information about it.

These widgets are very important when you are planning outdoor activities or events. It shows an alert message on your screen if the weather condition is not right.

To use this widget, your watch needs the internet from where it analyzes the data and provides reports to us. So if you are using this widget then first make sure that your Garmin watch is connected to your phone and the internet is on as well.

  • Price: Free

4. Rain Widget

Rain Widget on Garmin Watch

Before this, you learned about the weather widget which provides us with weather information. If you just want to know the information about rain then you can use the Rain widget. This tool is very useful for us.

This widget shows the probability of current and forecasted rainfall levels on the display of your watch. The Garmin rain widget also provides you with some additional information like the intensity of rainfall and expected duration of rain etc.

Apart from this, this widget also provides us alerts for severe weather, such as thunderstorms, flash floods, or other weather events that could impact your safety.

  • Price: Free

5. Calendar Widget

Calender Widget on Garmin Watch

The calendar widget is very important for staying organized and on schedule. This widget displays your upcoming appointments, meetings, or events, with the help of which you will not be able to miss any of your events or meetings and will be able to schedule your day or week well.

Apart from this, this widget provides you with much other information like the location of the event, duration of the event, etc. This information can be very useful in making your daily schedule.

Along with this, you can also set someone’s birthday alert in it, which will help you remember which day is the birthday of your close friend. This widget is very useful in today’s busy life.

  • Price: Free

6. Elevation Widget

Elevation Widget on Garmin Watch

The elevation widget on Garmin watches is very important. Suppose you have gone to some place for adventure and you are hiking, climbing, and skiing, then it provides data by tracking how high you are from the surface.

This widget shows us the current elevation as well as the ascent and descent rates which help us a lot in monitoring the progress. Apart from this, it also gives us information about altitude maximum, total ascent or descent, or your current altitude in relation to sea level.

Many skiers and snowboarders use this widget to climb mountains so that they can know how high they have reached.

  • Price: Paid

7. Currency Widget

Currency Widget on Garmin Watch

Suppose you are going to visit another country and you do not know the currency rate of that country, then the currency widget is going to help you a lot. With the help of this widget, you can see the exchange of any currency in any other currency in one click.

There is support for exchanging more than 33 currencies in the currency widget of the Garmin watch. You just have to enter your currency amount on the watch screen and select the country in which you want to convert it and click OK. After this, it will immediately convert your currency and show it on the screen of your watch.

This is a paid widget and to use this widget you have to purchase it. However, you can try using its demo version.

  • Price: Paid

8. Map Widget

Map Widget on Garmin Watch

The map widget helps users view maps and track their location in Garmin watches. With the help of this widget, users can access many maps such as topographic, street, or satellite maps.

After activating the Maps widget in your Garmin watch, at whatever location you move, it will show you the information of that location which is very useful.

To use this map, your watch should be connected to your smartphone and the internet should also be active. Some map widgets on Garmin watches may also include additional features, such as elevation data, trail difficulty ratings, and information about nearby amenities.

  • Price: Paid

9. Stopwatch Widget

Stopwatch on Garmin Watch

The Stopwatch widget on Garmin watches helps users time and track various activities, such as workouts, runs, and laps. If you are an athlete or fitness person then this widget is very useful for you.

The Stopwatch widget provides the lap time, elapsed time, and average pace in real time, allowing users to monitor their progress and performance on the watch screen.

Apart from this, you also get to see features like countdown timers, interval timers, and vibration alerts in these widgets.

  • Price: Free

10. Music Widget

Music Widget on Garmin Watch

If you are fond of music, then you will like this widget very much. The music widget provides you the feature of controlling music playback and adjusting volume directly from the Garmin watch. Apart from this, you can access your favorite songs and playlists without your smartphone.

This gives you access to skip music and turn the volume up or down on the watch’s screen. Using this widget, you do not need access to your smartphone to listen to music.

To control music through the music widget, your Garmin watch must be connected to your smartphone. After this, you need to download and install Spotify or Deezer music app on your watch.

  • Price: Free/Paid

Wrapping Up:

Friends, in today’s blog post, I have given a complete guide about some useful and best widgets for Garmin watches. Some of the above-mentioned widget lists are free and some are premium. I hope you have liked this article. If you have any questions related to this article, then you must tell us by writing in the comment section below.

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