10 Best Smartwatches Under 20000 in India 2023

If you are searching on the internet for the best smartwatches under 20000 rupees and you are confused to pick the best smartwatch, then you need not worry. You have come to the right page because here you will find the top 10 Best smartwatch under 20000 rupees in India.

Some of these smartwatches have been launched in 2023 and some smartwatches in 2022. All these smartwatches will get a good quality display, long-lasting battery, and amazing design-build quality according to the price. So let’s know about the top 10 best smartwatches under 20000 one by one in this article.

Things to keep in your mind when you buying a smartwatch

Consider Your Budget: Before buying a smartwatch, first of all, you should fix your budget so that you can see the smartwatch inside your budget.

What do you want to do with that smartwatch: This point is also very important. Let’s say you are buying a smartwatch to track your exercise. Then you should buy a smartwatch that has more sports available.

Accurate Health Monitoring: A health monitoring feature is given in all smartwatches nowadays but this data is correct in many smartwatches. Therefore, check whether the data that is being told in it is correct or not.

Waterproof: It happens a lot that we go out wearing our smartwatch and due to rain, we have to take off our watch. Therefore, while buying a smartwatch, make sure to check whether the watch is waterproof or not.

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Which are the Best Smartwatches Under 20000 in India

Here below you will see a list of the best smartwatches under 20000 in India in 2023. All these smartwatches have been reviewed by our team and added to this list, so you can be sure to buy one of these smartwatches for yourself.

List of Best Smartwatch Under 20000Price
1. Honor Magic Watch 2₹9,999
2. Amazfit GTR 2e₹12,999
3. Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch ₹13,990
4. Titan Smart Pro Smartwatch₹10,995
5. Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch₹16,399
6. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4₹11,349
7. One Plus Smartwatch Midnight Black₹18,000
8. Oppo Smartwatch₹14,990
9. Fitbit Versa 4₹16,999
10. Amazfit GTS 4₹16,999

1. Honor Magic Watch 2

Honor Magic Watch 2 Smartwatch


  • 1.39-inch AMOLED display with 454 x 454 pixels resolutions
  • Answer/decline your calls & record your calls
  • 100 workout modes that track your daily exercise
  • Personalized watch faces with in-build watch faces
  • 14 days battery life on a single full charge
  • Heart rate tracking and blood oxygen level monitoring
  • 4GB Built-in storage where you can store many songs
  • GPS, water-resistant, and WiFi support
  • Sleep tracking and stress monitoring

Let’s talk about the first smartphone in the list of best smartwatch under 20000, which is named Honor Magic Watch 2. Along with launching the smartphone, the Honor company has now started launching the smartwatch as well.

The company has recently launched its second-generation smartwatch in India, the name of this smartwatch is Honor Magic Watch 2. Its price has been kept by the company at Rs. 11,999 and it is available on the Amazon platform.

DISPLAY: Honor Magic Watch 2 comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED color full touchscreen display with a resolution of 46mm and supports 800 nits brightness. Its screen resolution is 454 x 454 resolution. Its dial gets circular which makes its display look really awesome.

DESIGN & BODY LOOK: Its body design is seen in a circular shape. It is made of metal and its strap is made of silicone, which is very strong and smooth, the smartwatch gets a very sleek device and its product dimensions are 4.59 x 4.59 x 1.07 cm. Smartwatch is very lightweight, you can easily work it out by wearing it.

BATTERY: The most notable feature of its powerful battery watch is that the company claims that it gives up to 14 days of battery backup. Its battery is 455 mAh and this watch gets fully charged in under 2 hours. The battery cell composition is found to be lithium-cobalt.

FEATURES & SPECIFICATION: Many great features are available in the smartwatch, obviously the features will be available according to the price. In this watch of Honor, you can put a personal watch face, which means you can put your photo or some other watch face. It has 100 workout modes.

SpO2 is supported and support for sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, breathing exercise & heart rate monitoring are available. With the Huawei APP gallery app, you can download any health app and receive regular software updates.

It comes with 4GB of built-in storage and you can enjoy your music tracks without accessing your mobile. Along with this, it has many smart functions like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth calling, etc.


  • Battery backup is good
  • Awesome looks and design
  • Display quality is good


  • Third-party apps not supported
  • Watch face collection is not impressive

2. Amazfit GTR 2e Smartwatch

Amazfit GTR 2e Smartwatch


  • 1.39″ AMOLED display with 454 x 454 pixels resolutions
  • Up to 24 days of battery life in normal mode
  • Full charge in 2.5 hours with magnetic dock charger
  • 90+ sports modes that track your daily activity
  • Blood oxygen level (SpO2) monitoring
  • 24×7 heart rate tracking and stress monitoring
  • PAI health assistant system support
  • 5ATM water-resistant support
  • Notification alert for voice assistants and calling

Now coming to the second smartwatch in the best smartwatch under 20000 list, which is named Amazfit GTR 2e. Amazfit company’s smartwatch has made a very good hold in the Indian market and many of its variants are present in the market. To make its grip even better, the company has launched Amazfit GTR 2e. This smartwatch is made for those people who like to exercise a lot and want to track their activity.

DISPLAY: The Amazfit GTR 2e Smartwatch comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with 2.5D curved glass protection. It is a round-shaped smartwatch and its screen resolution is 454 x 454 pixels.

DESIGN & LOOK: The body of the watch is made of aluminum alloy and plastic. Talking about the design, it gives a premium feel to it. Due to its slim body, it looks quite attractive and gets a light watch. The strap is made of good quality silicone and is very smooth, which does not cause any problems if you wear it continuously.

BATTERY: The company says that it gives a battery backup of 45 days in basic use, 24 days in typical use, and 12 days in heavy use. Its battery backup is good and powerful, it takes about 2.5 hours for a full charge. The watch gets a magnetic dock for charging.

FEATURES & SPECIFICATION: Regarding the features and specifications of the smartwatch, 90 sports modes have been given in this watch of Amazfit. Daily usage tracking is supported to track many activities like basketball, football, cycling, running, step count, walk.

Apart from this, features like sleep monitoring, 24 hours heart rate monitor, PAI health assistant system, and stress monitor are available.

It has a notification alert for voice assistants and calling. 5ATM water-resistant support is available in the watch, wearing it while deep swimming will not cause any damage to this device.


  • Long battery life
  • The exercise tracker is working good
  • Easy user interface


  • SpO2 monitoring doesn’t work consistency
  • The strap material is not good

3. Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch 

Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch


  • 1.7-inch Large AMOLED display with 390 x 450 pixels resolution
  • Up to 12 days of battery backup
  • Full charge in 2 to 3 hours
  • 100+ customizable watch faces
  • 150 sports modes
  • Blood oxygen level (SpO2) monitoring
  • Built-in Alexa voice assistant
  • GPS support
  • Zepp App Support

Now coming to the third smartwatch in the best smartwatch under 20000 list, which is named AMAZFIT GTS 3. Many such smartwatches have been launched in the online market which do full work of fitness and health. The AMAZFIT GTS 3 is one such smartwatch that will prove to be the perfect fit for you. If you talk about its price, then you will get it on Amazon for 13,990 rupees.

DISPLAY: The display of the smartwatch is available in a square-type shape. There is a 1.7-inch large AMOLED display which comes with 390 x 450 resolution pixels and its brightness is also very good.

DESIGN & BODY LOOK: It gets to see the same as its GTS 2. Its body shape has been built in a rectangular design, which is very slim. The bezels of the display have been given thin. The dimensions of the product are 4.2 x 3.6 x 1.1 cm, it is a very light watch, and its weight of this watch is 39 grams. Its strap is of good quality silicone.

BATTERY: The smartwatch can be used for a typical 12 days on a single full charge. Its battery backup is of 350mAh and it takes 2 to 3 hours on a full charge. To charge it, two metal contacts are provided at the bottom of the watch. Its charging base is magnetic.

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FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: A special feature has been given for women in Amazfit GTS 3 smartwatch, this watch can track period cycles. It tracks manual periods as well as gives reminders.

You get 150 sports modes and many features like heart rate monitoring, and a sleep monitor to take care of your fitness and health. Also, you get the support of special features Alexa and GPS are also available. Along with this, you will get 100+ watch faces in this smartwatch.

CONNECTIVITY: To connect the smartwatch to your mobile, you need to download the Zepp app on your mobile phone. In this, you have not been given any kind of Wi-Fi system in the watch, you can connect it to the Internet.


  • The tracking sensor is working well
  • Eye candy design
  • Display quality is good
  • 5ATM water resistance


  • No calling and message reply option

4. Titan Smart Pro Smartwatch

Titan Smart Pro Smartwatch


  • 1.19″ AMOLED display with 390 × 390 pixels resolutions
  • Up to 14 days of battery life
  • A magnetic charger is given for charging
  • 14 sports modes available
  • In-Built GPS is given
  • Blood oxygen level (SpO2) & Heart rate Sensors
  • Sleep tracking
  • Body temperature monitor

Titan Smart Pro is the fourth watch in the list of best smartwatches under 20000. Today the market for smartwatches has become very big and is growing very fast. You must have heard the name of the Titan brand. Titan Company’s watch has been going on for centuries, it is a very big brand and its watch also comes at a high price.

Many companies like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei, many companies are launching one of the best smartwatches to make their market better.

Similarly, Titan has also started launching smartwatches, and recently the company has launched Titan Smart Pro, which gives a very stylish and premium look.

DISPLAY: Its display is very bright and shining. The display is in a circular shape and features a 1.19″ large AMOLED display screen with Gorilla Glass 3. The smartwatch display comes with an aluminum case. Its dial is found in thin and round and a 2.5D curved AMOLED screen is available. Its brightness is very good and also comes with 390 × 390 resolution pixels.

DESIGN & LOOK: Titan Smart Pro Smartwatch gets a lot better than Titan Smart. You get to see this in 5 variant colors. This smartwatch is slim to look at and is a lightweight watch, you can do any work by wearing it all day. The watch is made of metal and the straps are made of silicone. You can easily remove and add the strap.

BATTERY: The most impressive thing about Titan Smart Pro is its battery life. There will be no need to charge the watch again and again. Because it can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge and gives up to 7 days of battery life when you turn on Always Mode. You get a magnetic charger for charging.

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FEATURES & SPECIFICATION: There are many features available in the smartwatch-like heart rate tracking, spo2 monitor, sleep tracking, temperature monitor, and stress monitor are available. And apart from this, it comes loaded with features like several workout modes.

Its tracking is accurate but sleep tracking sometimes does not give accurate results. The watch offers an in-built GPS, a compass, and a barometric altimeter. There are 14 sports modes on the watch. Many features like cycling, rowing machine, and trail running are included.


  • Build quality is good
  • Body temperature sensor working good
  • Display is awesome


  • The user interface is not easy
  • The app is not properly work

5. Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch


  • 1.58-inches AMOLED display
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Voice Assistant and GPS support
  • 6 days battery life
  • Sleep monitoring and stress level monitoring
  • Bluetooth calling with dial pad
  • 19.8gram weight that is very lightweight
  • Receive all social media notifications on your watch

Now coming to our next watch whose name is Fitbit Versa 3. This is the fifth watch in the best smartwatches under 20000 list. Many advanced and premium features have been given in this watch. Its price has been kept by the company at 17,600 rupees.

Fitbit versa 3 smartwatch comes with a 1.58″ AMOLED display, which also has the feature of always on display. This display is quite bright and big so that you will not have any problem viewing its view.

Apart from this, talking about the design of Versa 3, I personally liked it very much. The built quality of this smartwatch is very good and the band of this watch is very skin friendly. Apart from this, talking about the weight of this watch, it is very lightweight which is 19.8 grams.

Talking about battery backup, you get to see neither too much nor too little battery life in it. This smartwatch gives up to 6 days of battery life on a single full charge. But if you use it with GPS then you get to see 12 hours of battery life.

Apart from this, the support of GPS is also available in it, with the help of which you can track your location. Apart from this, the feature of Find My Phone has also been given in it, with the help of which you can track your phone with this watch.

Talking about the health feature, many advanced health features have also been added to it like blood oxygen level monitoring, high and low heart rate notifications, skin temperature variation, etc.

Apart from this, the feature of Bluetooth calling has also been provided in Fitbit Versa 3, which allows you to make calls from the watch itself. Apart from this, you can also receive your social media notifications.


  • Bright AMOLED display
  • Up to 6 days of battery life
  • Advanced sleep tracking


  • Slow to Sync
  • Health metrics are hard to find

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4


  • 1.3-inch AMOLED display with corning gorilla glass
  • 361mAh battery life
  • Exynos 9110 dual-core processor
  • Water-resistant and dust resistant
  • 1.18GHz Exynos W920 dual-core 5nm chip
  • 90+ workouts mode
  • Blood oxygen level (SpO2) monitoring
  • 24 hours heart rate tracking and sleep tracking
  • Multiple watch faces

Now coming to the sixth watch of the best smartwatches under 20000 list, which is named Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Samsung galaxy watch 4 is an amazingly slim and lightweight watch. This smartwatch was launched last year. Samsung company has made a lot of improvements in terms of design, which makes this smartwatch look very different and attractive compared to some previous smartwatches.

DISPLAY: The watch sports a 1.3-inch AMOLED full touch screen display with Corning Gorilla Glass. The design of its display is very beautiful and good, its dial is found in a round shape. And the device gets 450 x 450 screen resolution pixels with Exynos 9110 dual-core processor.

DESIGN & BODY LOOK: The frame of the watch is made of aluminum metal. Although its design is simple, the smartwatch looks quite different from others and gives a high-end look. The body is found in a metal round shape, the body is quite slim and the weight of the watch is 30 grams, which is a very good lightweight watch.

BATTERY: The battery backup of the Galaxy Watch 4 is 361mAh. Its battery is made of 1 Lithium-Ion battery cell and the Lithium battery is of energy content. Its battery life is good. The watch will not have to be charged again and again.

FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: Features in Samsung’s smartwatch Apple is not far behind the smartwatch in terms of maximum health sensors. In this, many features like heart rate monitoring, snoring tracking, sleep tracking, and blood pressure measurement are available to keep health healthy.

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And daily activity tracking is supported for fitness, you can track any exercise activity. The smartwatch is powered by 1.18GHz Exynos W920 dual-core 5nm chip. One will not face any trouble while navigating the user interface. The smartwatch offers 90+ workout modes and comes with a waterproof rating.


  • OLED with high resolution
  • Notifications handling is awesome
  • Good build quality


  • Only 1-2 days of battery life

7. One Plus Smartwatch Midnight Black

One Plus Smartwatch Midnight


  • 1.39-inch AMOLED display with 454 x 454 pixels resolutions
  • 5ATM + IP68 water resistance and dust resistant
  • Up to 14 days of battery life
  • 110+ workout modes that track your exercise
  • 4GB internal storage
  • GPS support that tracks your location in one click
  • Multiple different customizable watch faces
  • Connect one plus TV to this watch

Now come to the seventh watch in the best smartwatch under 20000 list. The One Plus smartwatch was launched in March 2021 along with the OnePlus 9 series mobile phones. This is the first smartwatch of One Plus and the company had good success with this smartwatch. Seeing this success, the company also started making smart bands.

Smartwatch Midnight Black is very good compared to all smartwatches and smart bands of One Plus.
This is the best option available in the best smartwatch under 20000 rupees. One Plus Smart Watch is available in India, China, and other Asian countries.

DISPLAY: Display Its super duper smooth and premium display has been given. The stainless steel case is given and two buttons are seen on the right side. 1.39-inch AMOLED display with 2.5D curved glass. Its screen resolution is 454 x 454 pixels.

DESIGN & BODY LOOK: The height of the watch is 11 millimeters and the width is 46 millimeters. The entire dimensions of this product are made 4.6 x 4.6 x 1.1 cm. Its design is seen in a round shape. It is made of aluminum and metal and looks absolutely shining and premium. This is a slim watch and its weight is 76 grams. It gives a great comfortable feeling to wear.

BATTERY: It is powered by a 402mAh powerful battery. You give it a battery of 14 days in normal use. The heart rate sensor continuously on gives battery backup of 5 to 6 days and 25 hours with continuous exercise with GPS. Provides 1 day of battery life in normal use by charging 5 minutes.

FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: In this smartwatch of One Plus, a lot of features are available in a smartwatch, just like a smartphone. Many features like daily exercise tracking support, health-related heart rate monitor, blood oxygen, and sleep tracking have been provided and 110+ Workout Modes are available for exercise. 5ATM + IP68 Water Resistance is supported, which does not require you to be afraid of water at all.

If we talk about the specification, then 3 different chipsets are available. The first controls the display, the second controls the sensors, and the third is the chipset used at the time of Bluetooth connectivity.
And one more thing, you can also connect one plus TV to this watch. The smartwatch has 4GB of storage, you can listen to 500 songs in it and the speaker is also quite good in it.


  • Premium design
  • Good battery life
  • Fluid features


  • No always-on display
  • No support for iOS

8. Oppo Smartwatch

Oppo Smartwatch


  • 1.91-inches 3D flexible touchscreen display with 500NITS
  • Body Ratio 72% above
  • 430mAh battery backup, you can easily go for 20 or 21 days
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage
  • In-Built GPS and activity tracker
  • It has two processors, snapdragon wear 3100 and ambiq micro apollo 3 wireless SOC

Now talking about the eighth smartwatch of the best smart watch under 20000 list, I kept this watch at number eight because its design and especially its display is a very super smooth and 3D flexible screen. This best android best smartwatch looks exactly like an apple watch. The user experience of this watch is very different and more powerful than other watches. Oppo Smartwatch was launched alongside Oppo Reno 4.

DISPLAY: The smartwatch has a 3D flexible screen, its display size is 1.91 inches, and it comes with a dual-curved screen. Talking about its body ratio, it gets a body ratio above 72%. and has a brightness of 500 nits.

DESIGN & BODY LOOK: In this watch, 46mm and 41mm are found in two such hearts, I am suggesting to you the one that is 46mm. Its frame is made of aluminum and a combination of plastic is available on the backside. Two buttons on the right side and a speaker grille on the backside.

This watch by Oppo looks really very beautiful and impressive. Its straps are made of silicone. Two buttons are given on the back side, you can easily remove the strap by pressing the button.

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BATTERY: Its battery is 430mAh. By turning on the power saver mode, you can easily go for 20 or 21 days. It has support for very fast charging and gets 100% charged in about 75 minutes. If you use Heart Rate Sensor, GPS, or Bluetooth Calling Continuously, the battery backup gives up to 20 hours.

FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: It has the support of two processors. The first is the Snapdragon Wear 3100 for intensive tasks and the second is the Ambiq Micro Apollo 3 Wireless SOC for normal tasks. This function makes it one of the best smartwatch under 20000 rupees.

All the features are available for health as well as the support of daily activity tracker is also available for fitness. In-Built GPS is supported and the watch gets 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It has the support of the Play Store and supports many apps which you will be able to download from Google Play Store.


  • Premium design
  • Stunning display
  • Fast charging


  • Average battery life
  • The strap is not awesome

9. Fitbit Versa 4

Fitbit Versa 4 Smartwatch


  • 1.58-inch color AMOLED display with the rectangular shape
  • GLONASS, accelerometer, ambient light sensor
  • Up to 6 days of battery life on a single charge
  • Use full day in just 12 minutes charge
  • Sleep tracking and heart rate tracking
  • Blood oxygen level (SpO2) monitoring
  • Alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, reminder, etc.
  • IP67 water resistance with a 50-meter depth

Now coming to the ninth watch in the best smartwatch under 20000 list named Fitbit Versa 4. This smartwatch is one of the best Bluetooth-calling smartwatch as I found the voice quality of the watch quite right.

Fitbit Versa 4 comes with a 1.58″ color AMOLED display. Along with this, you also get to see the feature of Always-on-Display. This smartwatch is very light in weight so you will not have any problem wearing it. Apart from this, you also get to see the support of multiple watch faces, which you can set on the screen of your Watts according to your mood and event.

If we talk about the health feature, then you will get to see many health features in it, which you can hardly find in other smartwatches. Versa 4 features SpO2 (blood oxygen level) monitoring, heart rate tracking, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, wellness report, blood glucose tracking, menstrual health tracking, etc.

Apart from this, advanced features like cardio fitness score, daily readiness score, automatic exercise tracking, exercise modes, steps, distance & calories, etc. will be available for fitness.

Talking about battery backup, you will neither get to see too much nor too little battery backup in this. One thing, on a full charge of Fitbit Versa 4, you can use it for 6 days. Along with this, you get to see the support of fast charging, with the help of which you can use this watch for a whole day by charging it for 12 minutes.

Talking about advanced and smart features, you will get to see call and text notifications, Alexa built-in, google maps, google wallet, Fitbit pay, find my phone, do not disturb, etc.


  • Battery life is good
  • Google maps and google wallet
  • The physical button is available


  • Some features locked behind the premium subscription
  • No third-party apps

10. Amazfit GTS 4

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smartwatch2


  • 1.75″ HD AMOLED display with a square shape
  • 150+ different customizable watch faces
  • Up to 8 days of battery life in normal use
  • Alexa voice assistant support
  • Bluetooth calling feature with contact number sync
  • GPS support with 99% accuracy
  • Blood oxygen level (SpO2) monitoring & heart rate monitoring
  • Water-resistant and dust resistant
  • All tracking features like walking, running, cycling, etc.

Now coming to the tenth and last smartwatch on the best smartwatch under 20000 list, which is named Amazfit GTS 4. Personally, I like this smartwatch very much because it has been given a lot of facilities which should really be in a smartwatch.

Amazfit GTS 4 Smartwatch comes with a 1.75″ HD AMOLED Display. In which you can easily see the clear view. This watch is designed in a modern way. This watch is designed in a square shape, whose build quality I find quite right.

Bluetooth calling feature has been given in Amazfit GTS 4 through which you can call anyone. In this watch, a microphone and speaker have been provided to talk on the call, and whose sound quality is quite clear.

This smartwatch comes with a voice assistant, in which you can operate any function with your voice. But the voice assistant present in this watch is different from the rest. In this, you can use voice assistants both online and offline.

Amazfit GTS 4 has a 300 mAh battery, which once fully charged, you can use for 8 days. Apart from this, many advanced tracking features have also been given in it, through which you can track your activity.

Apart from this, many health-related features have been given in it, whose accuracy is quite accurate. Along with this, you can also do sleep tracking in it.

The feature of GPS has also been added to it, which provides correct data with 99% accuracy. Through this, you can find out your location accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Which is the best smartwatch in India under 20000?

The Oppo smartwatch is the best smartwatch in India for under 20000 rupees.

Which are the latest smartwatches under 20000 in India?

Amazfit GTS 3 and Amazfit GTR 2e are the latest smartwatches for under 20000 rupees.

How do I choose a good smartwatch?

To choose a good smartwatch, you have to take care of many things in it like its battery, display, comfort, calling feature, GPS, etc.

Is a smartwatch good for health?

If we talk about a normal health issue, then a smartwatch is good for your health, but my opinion would be that you should consult a doctor for any kind of problem related to your health.

Best smartwatch under 20000 with call function

Amazfit GTS 4 is my favorite smartwatch under 20000 with a call function.

Conclusion on Best Smartwatches Under 20000

So friends, in today’s article I gave you a list of the 10 best smartwatch under 20000 and discussed the features of all the watches. If you still have this question in your mind about which smartwatch you should buy, then my opinion would be that you should buy Oppo Smartwatch because it is one of the best android smartwatches available in the Amazon store.

Apart from this, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding Best Smartwatches Under 20000 in India, then do tell by writing in the comment below and if you liked this article then you must share this article.

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