8 Best Smartwatches Under 2000 in India 2022

Best Smartwatches Under 2000 in India: A few years ago, in the low budget under 2000, only a normal watch is available to see the time, but in today’s era of technology, you will get to see more than one good smartwatch at a low price. There are other companies like Amazfit, noise, mi, and PTron which keep on launching more than one android smartwatch in the Indian market every time in a low price range.

If you also want to buy a smartwatch with a great feature for under Rs. 2000 at a low price for yourself, then you are confused about which smartwatch to take, which company will be a good smartwatch? So don’t worry because here you will get to see the top 8 best Android smartwatches under 2000rs, which have a lot of features and are available on all of India’s biggest platforms Amazon.

The list of top 8 best smartwatches under 2000 in India 2022

Here I have given a list of the top 8 best smartwatches in the budget range of under 2000 rupees and below you will get a complete review of all the smartwatches one by one, from this list you can choose a smartwatch for yourself.

Top 8 best smartwatches under 2000 in IndiaPrice
1. AQFIT W12 ₹1,599
2. Zebronics Zeb fit920ch ₹1,599
3. PTron X10e ₹1,199
4. Boat wave lite ₹1,999
5. Noise ColorFit pulse grand₹1,999
6. Fire Boltt Ninja 3 ₹1,799
7. Crossbeats ignite LYT ₹1,899
8. Maxima max pro X1₹1,799
AQFIT W12 Smartwatch

1. AQFIT W6 Smartwatch

  • 1.69 inches HD IPS display
  • Battery life 7 days
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • 100+ watch faces

AQFIT company has recently launched a new series of AQFIT, AQFIT W12 Smartwatch in the Indian market for its users, this smartwatch is the best smartwatch of this series, which has many features and is perfect for fitness, and health. Talking about its price, the company has kept the price of this smartwatch at 1599rs, according to the price, this smartwatch is a very good smartwatch.

This smartwatch from AQFIT flaunts a 1.69-inch touchscreen HD IPS display with 2.5D glass protection to make the display look more elegant and premium. Its touch response is very good, smooth touch works. The screen resolution is 240 * 280 pixels and the brightness is also good.

Talking about its build quality and design, the body of the smartwatch is made of zinc magnesium alloy and glass has been given on the back side which looks impressive and the strap has been provided of 20mm soft silicone, no itching to wear it. Doesn’t happen. The bezels of the smartwatch have been given thin, a single button is seen on the side of the display, and multiple sensors and charging pins will be seen on the backside.

Its battery is also very good. 200mAh battery is provided. In normal use, you can run it for 7 days and in heavy usage, 24-hour monitoring gives 3 days battery life and a standby time of 15 days if it’s a low price range If you look at it, the battery is good.

Apart from all this, this Android smartwatch is loaded with many features such as many features of health and fitness have been provided, in this you have been given multiple sports modes for fitness exercises like cycling, skipping, football, swimming, running, and many more. Includes blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep monitoring, calorie count, and pedometer for health tracking.

And in these other features calculator, calendar, weather forecast, camera control, music control, the instant you call, message, a daily reminder, and any other social media notification is supported and the UI of the smartwatch works very smoothly. It comes with low-power Real-Teks new generation chipset RTL8762ck and its performance is excellent.

Talking about its connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 is supported, and to connect the smartwatch to the mobile phone, the cool wear application has to be downloaded from the Google Play Store, through this app it is easily paired with the mobile. And it has support for 100 watch faces and comes with IP68 waterproof resistance.


  • Water-resistant and dustproof
  • 200mAh battery
  • Real-Teks new generation chipset RTL8762ck
  • Multiple sports mode


  • No wifi & GPS
  • No camera
  • Not available call function
Zebronics Zeb fit920ch Smartwatch

2. Zebronics Zeb fit920ch

  • 1.37-inch TFT-LCD display
  • Average battery life 7 days
  • SpO2 support
  • Heart-rate tracking
  • Multiple sports mode
  • SMS & App notifications

Zebronics Zeb fit920ch may have been launched in 2020 but this smartwatch from Zebronics company still competes with many smartwatches in the budget range of 2000rs in the Indian market by 2022. Its design is premium and many functional features are available, its price has been kept under 2000 on Amazon 1399Rs.

Its dial is in square shape and screen size is 1.37 inch TFT-LCD touchscreen color display is available, its touch is very good, smooth touch response works, its screen resolution is given 240 * 240 pixels and brightness is also good. It goes that you will be able to read the indoor screen according to the price range but the outdoor visibility is not good. The body build of the watch is all metal and plastic will be seen on the backside. The watch gets a single physical button to turn on and off. The back side gets Zebronics branding, its bezels are not thin but fine. It is also not available properly and its silicone strap is also available very well.

This smartwatch has a battery capacity of 170mAh, it gives 7 days of battery in normal use and 2 days of battery backup in heavy use, and a standby time of 15 days is available.

It also has many features ranging from health and fitness, including blood pressure, advanced heart rate monitoring, SpO2, sleep monitoring, oxygen saturation, and multiple sports modes have been given to make your fitness mandatory. It includes badminton, cycling, basketball, and football. Apart from this, daily activity trackers were also provided to track your activity, through which you will be able to track your activities such as step count, distance, calories, etc.

Apart from all this, many other features are available in it, reminder, alarm clock, flashlight, DND, find my phone, brightness adjustment, time display, and smart notifications for calls, messages, and other social media is supported with this 100+ watches. Faces are given and support for custom watch face is also available and support of IP67 has been given to avoid water. Bluetooth 5.0 version is available for connectivity and you can pair by downloading the Zeb-fit 20 series app from Google Play Store to set up the smartwatch with the mobile.


  • TFT-LCD touchscreen color display
  • 100+ watch faces
  • Battery capacity 170mAh
  • IP67 water-resistant


  • No GPS & Wifi available
  • No camera
PTron X10e Smartwatch

3. PTron X10e

  • 1.7-inch HD color display
  • 12 days average battery life
  • SpO2 monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • 7 sports mode
  • Multiple watch faces

PTron has launched its stylish PTron X10e smartwatch in the month of June in the new generation of 2022 in its customer Indian market, this smartwatch is packed with many features, along with its build quality is very good and battery backup is also good. If you consider its price, then the company has kept its price at 1699rs.

The display size of the smartwatch is 1.7 inch HD color display and the screen resolution is given 240 * 280 pixels, its dial will be seen in a square shape and its brightness is good and the screen touch response works very well and gets 2.5D curved glass protection. The design of the smartwatch is seen in a rectangular shape and its build quality is found in metal and plastic build is available in the back. And the strap is made of soft silicone with replaceable straps.

Its battery backup is very good, 250mAh battery capacity is available, so its runtime gives a battery life of 12 days and standby time of 20 days, it takes horse time to 100% full charge, and to charge the smartwatch gets a magnetic charging pin.

The smartwatch has 7 sports modes for fitness, which include skipping, badminton, football, cycling, and running, in addition to this, there is heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen, and spo2 to check the health and there is also support for tracking pedometer, calorie. Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Step Count, Menstrual Cycle Tracking, you will be able to track all these.

Apart from this, many other useful features are available in the PTron X10e smartwatches, such as an alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, torch, music control, camera shutter remote, SMS, incoming call, weather, and other social media features. Smart notifications are supported for Notify and 300+ watch faces are available which is rarely seen in under Rs. 2000 smartwatches. This smartwatch is compatible with both Android & iOS and also supports the waterproof rating of IP68.

Bluetooth 5.0 is supported for connectivity and to connect the smartwatch with a mobile, the Da-fit application has to be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, its pairing is fast and it gets connected.


  • 250mAh battery capacity
  • 300+ watch face
  • IP68 water-resistant
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring
  • Lightweight comfort to wear


  • No available GPS
  • No camera
Boat wave lite Smartwatch

4. Boat wave lite

  • 1.69 inch TFT HD display
  • SpO2 monitoring
  • 10 sports mode
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 7 days battery life
  • 140+ watch faces

The electronic brand Boat has recently launched its new smartwatch a few months ago in the market of India, which the company has named Boat wave lite, this smartwatch is the best smartwatch in the price range of 2000rs because it provides the latest features of many functions. You can pick up this smartwatch from the boat.

This latest bot smartwatch comes with a 1.69 inch TFT HD display and square dial, its best brightness comes out to 500 nits brightness is supported, its screen gets enhanced and sharper, and the touch works well. It is available in 3 variant colors Active Black, Deep Blue, Scarlet Red, all three colors look premium, its build quality is found in metal and its design is designed in a rectangular flat shape, it is quite slim and lightweight watch with its strap comes with 22mm Silicone Changeable Strap make it Comfortable to Wear.

Its battery capacity is 240mAh, its battery life is available for 7 days and in heavy use, you will be able to use it for 3 days and it takes 2 to 3 hours to charge it 100% and to charge it the magnetic pogo connector charger.

The company has provided many features for fitness and health in this smartwatch, such as 10 sports modes that have been given for fitness, which include cycling, skipping, running, heart rate monitoring, and blood oxygen, to keep health healthy. Spo2 is included as well as the activity tracker gets support for sleep tracking, step, distance, and pedometer.

Talking about other features and specifications, music and camera control have been supported in the smartwatch, as well as smart notifications have been supported for calls, messages, and other social media other features include reminders, torch, calculator, calendar, Includes alarm clock, stopwatch, weather forecast and many more. The UI of this watch is exactly like the Tagg smartwatch. IP67 gets waterproof resistance and 140+ watch faces have been given. This smartwatch comes with Google Fit & Apple Health applications. To set up the smartwatch with mobile, you can pair it by downloading the bot wearable application from Google Play Store.


  • The display is quite good
  • Design is amazing
  • 140+watch face
  • Lightweight & comfortable to wear
  • 240mAh battery capacity
  • Compatible with Android & iOS


  • No GPS
  • No available camera
  • Pedometer not accurate result
Noise ColorFit pulse grand Smart

5. Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand

  • 1.69-inch TFT LCD display
  • 7 Days battery life
  • Fast charging
  • IP68 waterproof level
  • Stress monitoring
  • 60 sports mode

Noise brand had launched another device of the ColorFit series in the Indian market in early 2022 which was named by the company as Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand. 60 fitness sports modes have been given and the smartwatch also gets amazing premium, giving an impressive look to see. This will be the best smartwatch option for under 2000 rupees.

The smartwatch comes with a 1.69-inch HD LCD display and a square dial, the display is slightly curved and the brightness of this watch is also good. The smartwatch is designed in a rectangular shape and its build quality is found in polycarbonate, the smartwatch is quite lightweight due to being polycarbonate, it gets a metal build crown button, multiple sensors, and charging pins will be seen on the back. The smartwatch gets the edge flat type and its display gives AMOLED feel and a 22mm silicon strap is available.

The battery capacity in the smartwatch is 260mAh, once fully charged, you can run a whole week, but in heavy use, its days are lost, it gets 3 days of battery life in heavy use, and apart from this, a magnetic charger pin to charge the smartwatch.

This smartwatch is perfect for fitness as it has provided 60 sports modes which include running, skipping, basketball, football, walking, and many more. 24 hours heart rate monitoring, and blood oxygen monitoring to get information to check your health every day. And spo2 is supported and apart from this daily activity tracking is also supported, so you can track step track, distance tracking, calorie, pedometer, etc., and also support stress monitoring.

Now if we talk about extra features and specifications, then the smartwatch gets 150+ watch faces based on the cloud and supports water-resistant IP68, in addition to this, the watch supports the most important quick reply and notification alerts of calls, messages, and other social media. With this, other features include an alarm clock, calendar, weather forecast, flashlight, breathing option, music & camera control.

To set up a smartwatch from a mobile phone, you have to install the Noise Fit application from Google Play Store on the mobile, through this app you can pair the smartwatch with the mobile, and easily it gets connected. The application is both Android & iOS based and the application Through this you can also put your personal watch face.


  • Smooth & sharp display
  • 260mAh battery capacity
  • Female health tracking
  • 150+watch face & customizable watch face
  • Stress monitoring
  • Call & SMS quick reply


  • No GPS
  • No camera
  • No available call function
Fire Boltt Ninja 3 Smartwatch1

6. Fire Boltt Ninja 3

  • 1.69-inch HD IPS display
    • 7 days battery life
    • SpO2 tracking
    • IP68 waterproof level
    • Cloud watch faces
    • Camera control

Fire Boltt Company has recently launched a new series of Fire Boltt Ninja for its users fire bolt ninja 3 in the market of India which comes with an amazing design and is packed with a lot of features when it comes to its price. Android smartwatch under 2000 is available on Amazon for Rs 1799.

The Fire Boltt Ninja 3 Smartwatch features a 1.69-inch HD IPS display, the screen resolution is 240*280 and the pixel density is 218pp. Its dial comes with a square shape and curved display and the brightness is also decent.

Its design is seen in the rectangular shape and its build is found in polycarbonate in the backside only the build of polycarbonate is available, it gives a premium look and its straps get changeable straps of silicone. Smartwatch is quite lightweight, if we talk about its weight, then its weight is 47 grams.

Talk about its battery backup, then standby time is available for 25 days, and running time is available for 7 days, if seen according to the low price range, then very good battery backup is available.

If you are passionate about fitness, then this is absolutely for you because it has many features related to fitness, 60 sports modes have been given, which are seen in very few smartwatches in this budget, along with heart rate monitoring, spO2, Meditative Breathing Includes Sleep Monitoring, Blood Oxygen and also supports Activity Tracking.

Apart from this, it is loaded with many friendly features and specifications. First of all, a waterproof rating of IP68 has been given to avoid water and get multiple watch faces along with a reminder, calculator, torch, alarm clock, stopwatch, camera & music control, Weather forecast, DND is included as well as in-built game option and smart notification support for incoming calls, messages, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. Bluetooth option is available in connectivity type, DA-Fit application is required to set up a mobile watch, with the help of this you can easily pair.


  • Smooth & sharp curved Display
  • Design is amazing
  • Multiple watch faces
  • 60 sports mode
  • smartwatch quite good according to price
  • Lightweight & comfortable to wear


  • No available call function
  • No GPS
Crossbeats ignite LYT Smartwatch

7. Crossbeats ignite LYT

  • 1.69-inch HD IPS Display
  • Average battery life 15 days
  • heart rate monitor
  • 200+ watch face
  • multiple sports mode
  • GPS in app
  • BP monitoring

Crossbeats brand has recently launched its new powerful feature smartwatch Crossbeats Ignite LYT in the market of India in 2022 at the low price of Rs 2000. This smartwatch comes with a powerful battery and stylish look, once full charge can take a whole week, so it can be the best option for you.

The smartwatch comes with a 1.69-inch HD IPS color touchscreen display with a screen resolution of 240*280 pixels and a pixel density of 218ppi and a decent brightness of 500 nits and a dual-curved display. Its build quality is of metal and the design is seen in a rectangular shape, the watch is quite light 40 grams, you can do any work by wearing it continuously 24 horses, there will be no problem.

Its battery is very good, in this you get long last average life of 15 days battery life and standby time of full 1 month which is a very good battery in this price range and magnetic pogo pin charger is available to charge it.

The smartwatch is packed with many features related to health and fitness such as a dynamic heart rate monitor, blood pressure, spo2, breath mode, 7 days sleep monitor for health, and also supports multi motion tracker and fitness tracker. Multiple sports modes have been given for running, basketball, walking, skipping, etc.

The smartwatch is compatible with both Android & iOS based, it supports dual menu UI and works 100% smooth, cloud-based 200+, and the personal watch face is supported, it comes with waterproof IP68 resistant as well as in-app GPS support will also be available. Other features in the smartwatch are call & notification alerts, sedentary reminders, DND, theater mode, music control, remote camera shutter, etc.

The performance of the smartwatch is quite easy, after setting up with the mobile, you can do most of the work with the smartwatch, to connect the watch to the mobile, you have to install the DA-fit app and it gets paired easily.


  • Dual curved sharp & smooth Display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • In-app GPS
  • IP68 waterproof level
  • 500 nits brightness


  • No call function
  • No camera
Maxima max pro X1 Smart

8. Maxima max pro X1

  • 1.4-inch IPS color display
  • Multiple sports mode
  • SpO2 support
  • 10 days battery life
  • Social media alerts
  • 100+ watch faces
  • Lightweight (28 grams)

Maxima company has recently launched its new smartwatch maxima max pro X1 2022 in India, this is maxima’s first made-in-India smartwatch, in this watch you are going to get all the features which are from the best smartwatch in the price range of under 2000. suggest they all are included in this its price is 1999rs on amazon you can check by going.

The display of the smartwatch comes with a 1.4-inch IPS color touchscreen and square dial, its screen resolution is 240*280 pixels and the pixel density is 263ppi the brightness is quite good and 500 nits brightness is supported. The entire body build of the watch is made of ABS material and the strap is made of silicone. This is a very light watch, its weight is 28 grams, and the dimensions of the smartwatch are 4 * 3.5 * 1.1 cm.

Talking about its battery life, it gets an average battery life of 10 days and standby time of 20 days, its battery is very good in under 2000rs and takes 2 to 3 hours to get a full charge.

To know about your health, many options are available in a smartwatch, heart rate, blood pressure, spo2 and deep, light, wake-sleep monitoring is available but you can use it only for the check, it is not a piece of medical equipment. Multiple sports modes are available to keep the bike alive and also support distance, calorie, and step count tracking.

Apart from this, multiple other features are available such as reminders, alarm clock, stopwatch, weather forecast, music & camera control, notification alert for calls, messages, apps, and other social media. The smartwatch is compatible with both Android & iOS and is powered by the CPU advanced chipset Railtek RTL8762CK Chipset.

100+ watch faces are available as well as 3ATM waterproof is available for connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 is supported, to set up with mobile, the DA-fit application has to be installed from Google Play Store.


  • Lightweight & comfortable to wear
  • Does not itch on continuous wear
  • 100+ watch face
  • IP68 waterproof level
  • 500 nits brightness
  • Battery life is good


  • No camera
  • No GPS available
  • No call function

Final words

In this article review, I have given a list of the top 8 best smartwatches under 2000 rupees, if you want to buy, then you can choose any one of these smartwatches, all the smartwatches get all the features that should be available in the price range of 2000, such as smooth & Sharp display, stylish design, latest features, and the good battery is also available.

But apart from this, there is more latest feature which is not seen in these budget smartwatches like Bluetooth calling smartwatch, GPS, etc. If you have Bluetooth calling and all the latest features you want a smartwatch, then this website has given a review about the best smartwatches under 5000 rupees in India, you can go and check it.

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